This morning I got up and did my usual Wednesday morning running about — it’s garbage day, and the garbage truck either comes at 7:05 am or sometime after noon, and you never know which, so you MUST get up and get the garbage out early or risk holding on to your stinky garbage until next week. And you can’t put it out the night before because we live next to a conservation area, and that means raccoons, skunks, porcupines, and other garbage-loving critters, and you risk a raccoon party with garbage strewn all over your front lawn if you do. So, up I got.

I stole a look at myself in the mirror as I got dressed. I am surprised the mirror didn’t crack. I had that post-sick-just-woke-up look. You know the one. You wake up with those crazed hair bumps that come from sleeping hot — strange cowlicks everywhere. And your hair isn’t the cleanest, either, because being sick, who had the energy to shower? Your face is all puffy. Your teeth feel like they are wearing sweaters. Your nose is red from blowing for days on end (and in my case, one side is rubbed raw). Your eyes are bleary and red. And you’re wearing “sick clothes” — usually a comfortable old t-shirt or pyjamas or sweatpants. No one is beautiful when they are sick. Face it. It’s an irrefutable law of the universe. And who am I to flout the laws of the universe?

I tried shoving my bizarre bed head into a ponytail. I put on some clean-ish clothes. I trudged downstairs to clean the cat litter. I trudged back upstairs. And I started hauling garbage out to the curb.

I’m sure the moment I stepped out on the porch, small children would have screamed and run away, old ladies would have recoiled in horror. Fortunately, the street was empty. When I came back in, I made a big pot of coffee and then decided to go upstairs to have a shower.

Oh, the feeling of a nice, hot shower after you’ve been sick — it’s like nirvana, I tell you. I think there is nothing more delicious than stepping into a shower when you really, really need it. The water is so warm. The soap feels so clean. And shampoo is like the most magical invention ever. I stood under the shower extra-long this morning. It was luxurious. And now, post-shower, I feel so much more human. The world seems a lot more pleasant when you’re nice and clean. You’re more optimistic and ready to face the day.

It’s a nice day, so far. The sun is shining and spring is trying so hard to come and stay. And not only have I thrown out the garbage, but I seem to have chased out most of this cold as well. Not bad for the first official day of spring.

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  1. I know what you mean. The only thing that would make this even better is if you had washed the sheets as well and hung them on the line. Nothing feels better than just having had a wonderful shower/bath, feeling extra super clean, and crawling into a bed still fresh and crisp and smelling like springtime outdoors. AHHHHH……

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