Random Fandom

Things I like. Today.

  • Are breakfast pitas NOT a very magical food? Tasty, all-natural AND healthy. I discovered them the other day in my grocery store (after seeing people eating them for years, but never knowing where to get them). I tried the muesli kind. YUM.
  • When I get a cold, I like how my voice gets all low and gravelly and “come hither” (as compared to the nasally tones I normally have). But then I’m too sick to do anything about it, sadly.
  • My iPod shuffle has been so handy. I use it for so many things: walks and running on the treadmill and travelling and drowning out annoying people. It’s also nice and small and easy to deal with. Recently I have taken to wearing it to bed to cover the noise made my the Shrieking Kitty O’ Doom. Although last night, I got up in the middle of the night and the thing swung around and smacked me, so I kind of have to remember to take it off when I am falling asleep.
  • Caramel Cinnamon popcorn, with almonds and pecans, from Shoppers Drug Mart. OH. MY. DOG. Addictive and so very tasty. Try it. Seriously.
  • Come to that, I love the new Shoppers Drug Marts, all bright and sexy and 24 hour. They have all kinds of nifty new products and are all boutique-like. I LOVE them.
  • Temperatures over 0. Because it means the snow is melting and spring is not far behind.
  • The Office. BBC edition. It’s like a car crash. I cannot look away. I worked with some of those people.
  • Lucy. She was sitting on the back of the chair behind me. She decided to have a bath. And used my face to prop up her foot.