Adoption Journey – Day 48

Things are getting checked off fast and furious on our adoption checklist. Checkitty-check-check.

Yesterday, we got a call that our police checks were complete and ready to be picked up. This is just days after we went and arranged to have them done. Originally, we’d been told that it takes 2 weeks or so, and that they’d call us when the reports were ready. So, I was as pleasantly surprised as anyone when I got a call yesterday to come and pick them up.

I went down to the police station today in much more hospitable weather circumstances than when we got the reports ordered last week. Unfortunately, the front desk sergeant, a young fellow, wasn’t nearly as friendly as the people that had been working that first time. Oh well. And it was not as quick a process, either, but that was because a very old woman in line in front of me was ordering police reports but did not speak much English (despite living here for 42 flipping years!!) and so it took longer than normal to get an address and phone number out of her. But once she was out of the way, it was quick as could be and I was out of there.

You’ll be happy to know I got the all clear. No criminal activity on my record. Because I know you were all wondering… it was up in the air there for awhile…

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  1. are you sure that Opus didn’t have a paw in the “all-clear” report??? I hear she is quite the computer wiz…

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