Instant Weather


We went out this morning to get the first of our appointments at the police department out of the way, which was to get a police check and vulnerability screening. We headed out this morning down to the police station. We’ve been getting mild temperatures the last couple of days, a few flurries here and there, but generally mild. But today, there was a freezing rain warning, so we wanted to get stuff done and get home before the weather hit this evening.

So off we went to our appointment. It was so nice, I had my coat undone and runners on. We parked, and went in. Now, our police station is quite nice — clean, up-to-date, and they pipe the local radio station throughout as white noise to cover whatever noise may be coming from the police work therein. It’s cool, actually, and quite clever. As we walked through the halls, we heard the weather reports, cancellation reports due to the storm, stuff like that. But we were beginning to doubt the reports, it was so mild.

We got the report paperwork done in minutes, much faster than we thought it would be. IN. OUT. DONE. The process took all of 10 minutes, so BDH offered to take me to lunch. Why not, I thought.

We headed off to Casey’s, parked the car, and got out to walk into the restaurant. It was still quite nice. We were seriously thinking that the storm was maybe heading south of us as they often tend to do. And we went in to eat.

About 20 minutes into lunch, BDH leaned over to peek out the window. He raised the blinds a smidge.


The parking lot was whiteout conditions. There was blowing and drifting snow. It was nutty. We were both just a little incredulous. BDH kept checking out the window, every 5 minutes, marvelling at the weather.

We headed out after lunch to get in our car. It was like we walked into an entirely different place from when we arrived. The car was totally covered in snow. There were small drifts forming. Snow was blowing horizontally. And as we started to drive home, visibility was really poor.

And we have to head out again in about half an hour’s time, back to the police station to get our fingerprints done. This time, I am not mocking the weather gods. This time? I’m wearing boots.

2 thoughts on “Instant Weather

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen snow like that.. I hail from south central alabama, the most snow I’ve ever seen was what was termed the blizzard of 93, in my area there was like three to four inches of snow on the ground LOL… Kinda leaves you to wonder why it was called a blizzard, lol But my guess would be that usually all you see there is an occasional flurry..It never sticks! I can understand the problem of too much but it still would be cool to see just once in my lifetime…


  2. Yeah, most of the time, I don’t mind a snowstorm… when I don’t have to go out in it! It’s very pretty to watch when you’re inside and warm, when you have a nice cup of tea and a blanket and some cats to snuggle. But shovelling it off the driveway? Sucks. Driving in it? Sucks a lot harder.

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