A Week of Running

Adoption Journey – Day 38

This week is a busy one on the journey to our Mystery Baby. Between this and other fun personal stuff, it’s a lot of here and there.

We have to get our fingerprints done this week, which is not so big an ordeal, but it’s still a bit of a pullaver since BDH has to miss work to get it done. We’ve got to get fingerprints done so we can get our records checked with several international police organizations. This is one of the requirements of the adoption process, and the nice thing is, when I booked the appointment, the police department were really lovely about it. The woman seemed genuinely pleased to help us, and I guess it’s a popular time to adopt, because there are a few people getting them done. So that will be a pleasant interlude in our bureaucratic process.

Also that same day, we are getting a local police records check done. I expect that will also be pretty straightforward. I have had it done for a trip to the Cayman Islands, and it’s pretty easy. We also have to get a “vulnerable screening” done, to check that we are okay with kids. It’s all part of the same report, so I expect it will be easy peasy too.

For my part, I have to go back to my nutty doctor and get more vaccinations done. UGH. Oh well, it’s all for a good cause. Plus, I have to keep getting them for a while yet — there are a LOT to travel to Ethiopia — as well as get my medical reports updated.

And then, this weekend… TAA DAAH! It’s Adoption Course weekend! We’re off to Toronto to learn all about adoption. I am actually looking forward to it. It’s not just one of those “get this out of the way” things. I really hope we learn a lot, and get some questions answered. I just think it’s going to provide us with some background that we don’t really have right now. I also know it’s going to open up a whole lot of new questions for us, which is why I am kind of glad we’re getting it done before we do the homestudy. The questions we have after this weekend, we will be able to ask about/research as the homestudy process progresses.

Another errand? Surprise — Opus has to go back to the vet. But it’s just a checkup, so no biggie.

And so, between all of that, it is championships time for volleyball in Canada, so when I am not going to watch matches (I’m off to the national championships with FREE PRESS PASSES! SQUEE!), I’ll be blogging about them. It’s hours and hours in gyms, but (to paraphrase someone I chatted with at a tournament yesterday) I’d rather sit and watch even BAD volleyball any day of the week than sit in a cubicle.

So I’ll blog when I can. But hey, if EVERYONE had wireless access, my life would be SO much simpler.

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  1. Well, we won’t be going ANYWHERE if this freezing rain warning becomes a reality. All we need is one day of freezing rain to throw a wrench in the works.

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