Simple Can Be Good

Yesterday was a good day. It was nice, but nothing terribly remarkable happened. A lot of nice, simple things came together to make it a nice day.

I like when that happens. I feel like sometimes my days are full of all sorts of things to get done and I am rushing around like a madman. Other times, the day flies by and I have nothing to show for it. But yesterday was simple and busy and good.

I shovelled the driveway. We had lots of snow the night before, and it was warmish out and the snow was heavy. It was a real workout. But I plowed through it pretty quickly, and felt like I had gotten a big task out of the way. And I enjoyed being outside. I don’t mind winter when it’s warm.

I made a lemon meringue pie. My mom used to make lemon meringue pies, I recall, and my only foray into lemon meringue pie making was in my twenties, and it went… underwhelmingly. So I didn’t try again until a few weeks ago, and it turned out so well. Cooking the lemon filling makes the house smell so good. And when it’s done, and you have a big, fluffy meringue, just slightly pinky-brown from the oven… it’s just so pretty.

I did yoga… TWICE. I managed to squeeze in two power yoga workouts during the day. I like the morning one, because it makes me feel awake and gives me some energy for the day. But getting time to do a bonus one is really nice. It works out the kinks from the day, and helps me relax in the evenings.

I made a crock pot full of dinner. Yeah, it turned out slightly less perfect than I expected, but it was a fair bit of chopping and trimming and mixing that, despite not being picture perfect, still tasted good and was a nice stick-to-your-ribs kind of dinner for a snowy day.

I blogged. And one of my blogs, my volleyball one, got noticed by a few people out there in the world who are actually involved in some of the games and matches I write about. It’s kind of nice to get emails and comments and such, because it lets you know you’re not just shouting into the darkness. People are reading, and they’re taking the time to give you their input and comments and thoughts, and that’s cool.

So, yeah, it’s not an earth-shatteringly important chain of events on a grand and global scale. But it’s enough that, when you’re tired and winding down for bed, gives you a pretty fulfilling day to look back on. And some days, that’s all you need.