• Best ice cream flavour: Vanilla. Yes. Possibly outdone only by French vanilla. I love vanilla, what can I say? I am boring.
  • Best TV series: Sports Night. Brilliantly written. Several wonderful characters, including one of my Virtual Top Ten men, Dan Rydell. I wish I was so clever as some of the characters on this show. I wish I were as gifted a writer of dialogue and story as Aaron Sorkin. Even though we have watched the series through many, many times, we still laugh and cry and discuss the minutiae of the show and talk about what should have happened in subsequent seasons.
  • Best time of day: Early evening.
  • Best-loved children’s book: Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. I got a compilation of both stories as a kid, and I read it many times over. I adored the Alice stories. They appealed to my imagination and I always wanted to walk through a mirror into another place.
  • Best comfort food: Mashed potatoes. Especially with butter and green onions, also known as champ.
  • Best sale: The 100 yen sales at Kintetsu department store, when I lived in Japan. You can’t believe all the wonderful stuff I bought for a dollar during those sales. Some stuff I still use.
  • Best shoes: My Doc Martens with the big silver buckle. If they’d been shiny patent leather, they’d be perfect.
  • Best meal: Dinner at Champers, near Bridgetown, Barbados. BDH took me there one evening when we were on a business trip to Barbados, and it was the nicest dinner, just for sheer ambiance and good food. Right on the water’s edge, it was a favourite place to dine. I wonder if it’s still there, and still as nice.
  • Best T-shirt (tie): My gray Navy t-shirt Bob brought me from the US Naval Academy, and my John Lennon collector’s edition from the Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo. Hard to say which one I love more, but both of them are well worn and pretty special to me. Luckily, they’re both too small now.
  • Best colour of paint in my house right now: I think the blue in our attic is the richest, most relaxing colour, and I am glad we decided to go with something bold. Although, it’s not one of those neutral colours they say you’re supposed to paint. Oh well. Screw them. What do they know anyway? I like it.

2 thoughts on “Best

  1. Best Ice Cream Flavor: Dark Chocolate. There’s not enough dark chocolate ice cream in the world, I say.
    Best TV series: Hmm, tough one. Toss up between House or Scrubs. I do get my best one-liners from Scrubs.
    Best time of day: The time that the dictator is sleeping.
    Best-loved children’s book: Does Little Women count? I read that dozens of times.
    Best comfort food: Pasta. With cheese.
    Best Shoes: These brown shoes I got from Eagle & Co.
    Best Meal: A local place makes a grilled chicken salad with local produce that is the best ever.
    Best T-shirt: An old t-shirt that I gave my dad years ago. It’s my favorite.
    Best color of paint: None.

  2. Best Ice Cream Flavor: Presiden’t Choice Caramel Cashew Toffee Crunch. While lacking in chocolate, it does contain high levels of awesome.

    Best TV series: It’s still The Simpsons, baby. I’ll believe that until the end of my days.

    Best time of day: The hours after Weasel bedtime.

    Best-loved children’s book: Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now by Dr. Seuss.

    Best comfort food: Kilos of chocolate in its myriad, wonderful forms.

    Best Shoes: I think it’s a tie between the silver Docs I had and the platform Mary Janes with the 5.5″ heel.

    Best Meal: When my mom makes chicken paprikash, soup with noodlays and palacsintas for dessert.

    Best T-shirt: Red, picture of a koala bear carrying the Australian flag, bearing the legend “Surfer’s Paradise”. Softest shirt in the world. Regrettably now full of holes.

    Best color of paint: All the rooms are still white, yo. We’ve only lived her for what, two years?

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