Because What I Really Need Is Another Project That I Won’t Finish

BDH and I are down with the flu. (NO, not “down with it” like the cool kids say. We’re actually DOWN. Like, HORIZONTAL.) So we’ve been sitting mostly like bumps on a log, in between napping, that is.

So I was looking for something to do that required zero thought and very little effort, since even looking at this screen right now makes my eyeballs ache and want to leap from their sockets and run shrieking from the room. Not to mention, everything on the screen has a weird orange shadow, kind of over to the right… So, YEAH. Little effort.

I decided to park my carcass on the couch and marathon my way through Pride and Prejudice. THE GOOD VERSION. With Colin Firth, OF COURSE. Who is, incidentally, my runner up in the “perfect man” contest. And I wanted something to do, so I dragged all my old knitting bags full of yarn (of which there is an astounding amount), and I’ve decided to roll centre-pull balls from all the busted-up and scruffy skeins of yarn living therein. Totally mindless job, that. Also lends to the “Victorian woman sitting around doing not much but likely something crafty” tone of the film.

This is in preparation for an attempt at — WAIT FOR IT — crocheting. Yes. I’m going to try to teach myself to crochet. Why, I have no frigging clue.

I am a knitter. I knit simple stuff, like dishrags and scarves and hats. I did sweaters, for a time, but found it tedious. I want something to relax with and keep my hands busy, and sweaters, big projects in general, just bore me to death. So I, Queen of Instant Gratification, like the simple, mindless, easily done projects.

So I have absolutely no idea what the heck I would possibly make with crochet. I am not your stereotypical doily sort of gal. No sirree Bob. But I am hell bent and determined I am going to learn how to do it. And when that time comes, I’ll have fifty-six centre pull balls of yarn to do it with.

Maybe I’ll crochet a nice something or other for Colin Firth. But not with the orange stuff, off to the right…

2 thoughts on “Because What I Really Need Is Another Project That I Won’t Finish

  1. Good for you Cinn to tackle something new to get out of the winter doldrums. I also just started crocheting again – yesterday – made a nice warm scarf for Autumn (in one day even which also satisfies my instant gratification need) and promptly had to unravel it all today to redo “thinner Mom, and longer, it’s too short” sayth the all-knowing daughter. Here we go again. Sorry to hear you are both down and out. Love to you, BDH, and “the girls.” Crocheting is very easy and works up much faster than knitting but the carpal tunnel sucks!

  2. Haha, my new project is walking on a bed of nails.. I’ll let y’all know how that works out…Nah just kidding ..I’m attempting to learn to cook..And besides an angry roommate (because I decided that drumsticks would taste just like hot wings if prepared in the same manner) and a few grease fires..I haven’t driven any nails through my toes yet LOL

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