How It Feels

Adoption Journey – Day 32

I read the most beautiful blog post today, called “Blood Not Needed”. It comes from the Lowery Family Adoption blog, written about the Lowery’s adoption of their gorgeous boy Caleb.

The post describes the feelings of, I think, all adoptive parents — that despite the lack of biological connection to their child, the love you feel for your adopted child is fully, completely the same sort of love you could feel for any biological child. That child is YOUR child, and could not be more loved. It talks about how you fall in love with a child, how that connection grows and strengthens, even before you meet them face to face. They are yours, despite the distance between you initially, and that bond carries you around the world to get them, and through paperwork and time. That child is yours. It’s a lovely post.

I know one day we will be there ourselves, and it makes me a little teary-eyed to read. Adopting — the waiting, the longing, the whole process — is such an emotional one.

And while you are there, you should have a look through the rest of the blog. There are some wonderful posts about Ethiopia’s history, the adoption process, and of course some wonderful pictures of the Lowery’s beautiful son Caleb!