A Personal Insult

I think I may be coming down with a cold. And I am the first to admit, I am very bad at being sick.

I am a very contrary sick person. I walk around mumbling and grumbling and complaining. I take being sick as some sort of cosmic personal insult. I will often tell people, “I am SICK!” so they can share in the indignance at this very stupid cosmic occurrence. So they can share in the disbelief that THIS would HAPPEN to ME.

BDH knows better than to try to deal rationally with me when I am sick. Mostly he just follows me around as I wander around the house, mumbling and grumbling and complaining, insisting over and over again, “Go. To. BED!”, and empathizing where appropriate. He’s a good boy that way. (Also, he knows that if he crosses me, I am liable to kiss him smack on the lips, and he doesn’t want to get sick.)

I think I am coming down with a cold. My throat has been hurting for about 24 hours now, back there (*points*) in the back, in behind where my sinuses drain. BAH. So, NO, it’s not Dengue Fever or Ebola or the Black Death. But it IS annoying. And I am PEEVISH.

So don’t cross me, or I shall KISS you.

3 thoughts on “A Personal Insult

  1. Thank you. I shall do that. Tea I have, honey I have… and indignance I have BUCKETS of. (There was a two-for-one sale on at the mall. Also, they had nice commemorative box sets — peevish, crabby, petulant and foul — all wrapped up in a nice ribbon and everything. So I got two.)

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