Endorphins! STAT!

Dude. This exercising kick I’ve been on? It sucks today.

NO, that’s not right. Let me rephrase.

This exercising kick? I suck wind today.

I am trying not to hate it. Really trying. But getting on the treadmill? It’s really trying.

People talk about “endorphin rush” and “runner’s high”. I haven’t seen it.

I’ve seen “out of shape sweaty” and “panting like a dog” and “post-treadmill dizzy”, but nothing resembling a high.

Well, unless you count the dizziness.

Today I ran — well, more accurately, it would be called “wogging”, which is a jog that is so slow you might as well be walking — 1/3 of the time on my treadmill.

Not once did I enjoy it. Not one step. There were no endorphins.

In fact, there were the opposite of endorphins.

Would that be “exorphins”, then?

“Runner’s bad trip” instead of “runner’s high”? “Jogger’s loathing”?

You know when I will feel runner’s high? When my pants are too big because I am a svelte domestic goddess, and I have to run out and buy more.

3 thoughts on “Endorphins! STAT!

  1. I know the feeling. It’s tough. I have to start slow then gradually increase the speed. But if I have nothing else to focus on I spend time thinking about what I’m doing and how crappy I feel. I do eventually get to that zoned out feeling, but I can’t honestly say I think the treadmill is FUN. It’s more like, “Well, got that out of the way” kind of feeling.

  2. It took me a LONG time to ever feel the rush. I used to get really dizzy, too. Could you do run-walk intervals? Sometimes the only thing that ever keeps me going is the thought that I can walk soon.

    And some days, like today for instance, I’m already tired and know I will suck wind.

  3. I do walk-run intervals of sorts — I try to run longer, though, because my treadmill is VERY manual and so it’s so fiddle-farty to readjust the speed each time I go from walking to running to walking.

    I think one thing I have to do is get a really good playlist together. Something with a good 4 mph beat to it (would that be something in 4/4 time? I have no idea) so that I can push through with some good songs to keep me going. And if each one could be the same length, that’d be good too.

    Good doG I am fussy.

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