Answer Me This…

There is no middle ground.

  1. Tonight for dinner: leftovers or something new?
  2. My blog: Change the look of my blog, or leave it the same?
  3. Nursery room: carpet or faux hardwood?
  4. My father’s belated birthday lunch: The Keg (steakhouse) or Casey’s (family/roadhouse)?
  5. Biography: Audrey Hepburn or U2?
  6. Men who knit: Sexy or strange?
  7. Lost: Watch season 2 or forget the whole thing?
  8. Ethiopian baby name: keep it as a first name, or move it to the middle slot?
  9. Painting bathrooms: easy or difficult?
  10. Harry Potter in book 7: lives or dies?

I await your thoughts on these matters of earth-shattering significance.

ETA: To contribute fully to the random mood, I give you the current song in my playlist — “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” by They Might Be Giants.

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Answer Me This…

  1. The only earth-shattering significant insight I could give you is from experience on #3. Nursery – definately not carpet. After several nights of flu or fevers – and vomiting – believe me carpet does not clean up well or easily. Laminate is virtually indesctructible and easy to clean up. We are struggling with this right now and are strongly leaning towards the laminate. I remember many a rug in Autumn’s room being thrown out because of being a lost cause after illnesses. Doesn’t help that our long-haired black cat absolutely must find the only piece of rug or carpet in the house to bring up his fur balls on. Yep, definately laminate or vinyl.

  2. 1. Make leftovers into something new.
    2. Leave same for now, look for a change for later.
    3. Carpet for now.
    4. Casey’s. Drink a LOT.
    5. Audrey Hepburn. I LOVE her.
    6. Oddly Sexy.
    7. You won’t forget. Might as well watch.
    8. Wait to find out the name first. If it’s a relatively easy to say and spell name then I say keep it for the middle name. Also, age will matter. Shelve this discussion for now.
    9. Easy with enough tape.
    10. Who dies? Harry? No, I think Harry will live but I think one of the friends will die.

  3. I will give advice (since you asked) on #9.This room happens to be the toughest room to paint. Imagine yourself or BDH stretching over or around the toilet to paint that little space behind it. Then remember everything has to be taken out of the room when you tackle it,keeping in mind also that everything has to be covered to protect the surface of the fixtures and floor. When you are done and want to jump in the shower or tub
    the paint is still wet and does not like moisture for a few days. Has that turned you off yet? It is also a job that gives you great satisfaction when it is done. It will only take about
    a week to get it back into shape!!!

  4. Skip the carpet! At all costs. I say this because now that I see what collects on my hardwood floors (Mike: Is that another dog? When did we get three dogs?) I cannot imagine living with carpet. The only carpet we have is in our basement suite, and the second I move my office down there it is coming OUT.

    Also? Audrey Hepburn, definitely.

    Ethiopian baby name – I’m with Kelly. But definitely keep it in some form.

    There are men who knit? I have never seen one, so cannot comment.

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