You Can’t Make Me… But I Know Someone Who Can

It’s freezing outside. Actually, it’s below freezing. 29 degrees Celsius below freezing, including wind chill, if you want to know. And it will be all week. So the thought of going outside is, in a nutshell, underwheming.

I do everything I can to avoid going out on these days. I hate the cold. HATEHATEHATE. My family comes from some of the most butt-freezing parts of this country, and yet? My parents moved to the warmest place they could find work and still be in Canada. It’s genetic. I was born to hate the cold. So when you tell me I have to go out and do this errand and that errand… I will likely laugh, or if I am feeling less charitable, make a rude gesture. You can’t make me go out.

But then, there are a couple of things that DO have to get done this week. For example, I have to get our passport applications off to get signed by the people acting as our guarantors, and then I have to take them down to the passport office for processing. Normally, procrastination carries the day in our house. But in order to get a Visa to travel to Ethiopia, one has to hold a passport for 6 months. And in order to complete our homestudy and send our paperwork off to Ethiopia to get matched with a child, we have to include copies of our passports. So when I think about our mystery baby, waiting for me to get off my butt and get the whole passport thing done…

It looks like I’m going to be going out in the cold. A few times this week. Who could resist that face?

1 thought on “You Can’t Make Me… But I Know Someone Who Can

  1. Buddy, if I didn’t have to take Elise to school I wouldn’t leave the house. This cold is KILLING me. We have our thermostat set to something like 28 degrees just to warm the house up to 20. Madness, I tells ya.

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