Time Out To Appreciate Things

I’ve been doing so much research this week, my eyeballs are rolling around their sockets. So today, I took a little time out to appreciate things.

  • This morning, at 4 am, a beautiful little 7 1/2 pound girl was born to a co-worker and friend of BDH. She was eagerly anticipated, although early, and already much loved.
  • I sat and watched the snow fall today. It has been bitterly cold here recently, but looking out over the conservation area, as deer walked by, it was lovely.
  • I had a good laugh at my and Kelly’s expense today, rereading a post she made on her blog that captured one of our many IM conversations one evening. I laughed so hard I cried and wheezed. It was brilliant.
  • We’re doing our best here to get healthy before the time comes for us to welcome a child into our home. I’ve been walking on the treadmill each day, and although I get all sweaty and nasty, I do enjoy the exercise.
  • Sometimes, a cup of sweet milky tea and two cookies really IS all you need.
  • Silly can be good for the spirit. Thanks to 5 minutes on homestarrunner, now I will be randomly yelling “Emergency Marketing Meeting!” a lot. And hoping for an opportunity to say to someone “I don’t know whether to puke or have a seizure.” And I’ve decided that my new favourite phrase is “It is time to resort to extreme measures. With Gene Hackman.” I can see that being VERY useful.

3 thoughts on “Time Out To Appreciate Things

  1. Hurray for healthy babies!
    I wish I could have seen the snow. I must get you to take pictures one day.
    That post has never failed to make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve read it. It’s like seeing an old friend again, isn’t it?
    I’m proud of you and the health stuff. You’ll reap the rewards when you spend hours awake with a cranky child.
    Well damn. Now I want a cookie.

  2. *I am legally obligated to ask you to proceed.*
    *You represent the best and the brightest – the people I hate the least.*
    *Kids love anything with a lowercase ‘i’ in front of it.*

    Some days, one click brings me limitless joy in laughing. I love those people.

    A lot.

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