Still Gone

I’m still on vacation. It’s nice. But tomorrow, we head home.

Today, I’m sitting in front of a crackling fire, looking out the window as the snow falls. It’s pretty, and it’s nice to be indoors instead of out in the cold. We’ve got nowhere we really have to be, so we can enjoy the snow flurries from behind glass. Last night, the wind howled and a storm blew through, sounding at times like a freight train roaring by. I was tucked in bed, marvelling at the fact that the house was not shaking and quivering, as our little house back home does whenever the wind blows.

I miss our girls. I look forward to seeing them tomorrow night. I look forward to picking Opus up from the vet — Dr. Maggs called us this week, after an Xray on her abdomen, to tell us definitively that she does NOT have cancer, and she’s doing well. So this week has been as worry-free as can be expected when you’re far from home. My mind is always a little bit back home, just thinking about the girls and the state of the house and the shovelling out I’ll have to do on Monday and little things like that.

But for now, there’s a lovely fire snapping and flickering in the fireplace. And that’s all I want to think about today.

And maybe whether or not to have a glass of wine.

12 thoughts on “Still Gone

  1. So, what’s to think about with that glass of wine. In fact, have more than one. You are visiting the Wine Queen. I say take advantage of the wonderful bounty while you can!

  2. Exactly. There is no question about whether to have the wine or not.

    I’m glad you had a good break!

  3. What’s to decide? Have both. No problem and why waste all that energy trying to decide.

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