Let It Snow

It’s snowing. A lot. We’re bracing for a wee bit of a storm here. And kind of happy about it, actually.

We’re on vacation, and so the fact that we cannot go anywhere or do anything is just fine with us. We’re sitting inside where it’s warm and toasty, watching snow fall faster and faster outside our window. The world is growing increasingly whiter and prettier outside, and we sit indoors with some lovely adult beverages and watch it snow. I have no boots here with me. And this is not a problem.

We’re going to make a fire in the fireplace this afternoon. I might have a drink and curl up with a book. Perhaps I’ll do a little bit of blogging, or maybe I’ll play some Sims2. We might watch a video, or we might not. BDH is playing his computer game and is quite happy to have been forbidden to drive anywhere, thankyouverymuch.

We’re on vacation, so this kind of weather is perfect. Big, pretty flakes are falling outside. The visibility is dwindling. We’ve heard an ambulance go by, sirens blaring, on the way, no doubt, to an accident on increasingly bad roads. If BDH had to drive in to work or there were groceries to be bought or errands to run, we’d be stressing. If we had left a day later, we’d be stuck in an airport with cancelled flights. But we left Ontario before the storm hit there, and we arrived in Nova Scotia before the storm hit here, so now we are toasty warm and content.

Let it snow. We’ve got nowhere to go and no one to see. And from the inside looking out, it’s pretty.