We’re Bastard People

It’s official. BDH and I are, in the immortal words of Corky St. Clair, BASTARD PEOPLE.

Today, we took Opus in to the vet for a last checkup. And then we LEFT HER THERE. No, not FOREVER; just for the week. We’re going on a little vacation to visit BDH’s parents again, and we decided it would be best to board her at the vet where, given her recent health issues, they can check up on her daily and give her any medical assitance she needs.

And really, where she is staying is actually quite nice. It’s called the Kitty Condos. She has a big spacious 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom cage (seriously, it’s two cages joined by a little trapdoor, and a litter box), she gets several square meals a day, and she’ll get lots of love and attention. She’s quite a celebrity there, given her recent health battles, so no doubt she’ll get lots of pets and love. And she gets let out for exercise periodically, to run around the room and climb on stuff (not that she either runs OR climbs very much at 17 1/2, but you get the idea) and she can visit with other cats. (Yeah, THAT won’t happen. She’s not what you’d call a party animal.)

I’m sure there will be retribution when we return. There’s a computer in the condos room. And a phone. AND the cat in the condo below her? It’s a Siamese. And not a very NICE Siamese, by all accounts, either. Even now, no doubt Bubby is plotting with Kiko the Siamese to bust out of there and exact revenge on us.

And yet? If you had seen her sitting and looking longingly at us, as we walked out the door, like a tiny prisoner… you’d say it too. We’re bastard people.

1 thought on “We’re Bastard People

  1. Meanwhile, as soon as you left the building she started rallying the troops in an effort to overthrow the clinic, break free and get home.

    I’m not saying I got an email from Bubby saying, “Doomsday For Bastards Is Near” but I’m not saying I DIDN’T either.

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