Mom Lays the Smackdown

I have been told.

This evening, BDH called home to say hello. His mom answered, and the small talk got around to the topic of their new computer. Both BDH’s mom and dad are learning to use their new computer, purchased as a Christmas present, and they’re doing really well with it. They’re sending email, using the internet, practicing typing, and just generally getting comfortable with the tools and toys. While BDH got things set up and running, part of my job is to help teach them about how to use the internet, since it is My Best Thing Evah. I mentioned that next week, when we are visiting, we will have to try some new things.

My mother-in-law (let’s call her “Mom”, for that is not her real name but what we call her) first became interested in the internet because she started reading my blog while she was on vacation late last year. She likes to read my blog to keep up to date on what is happening with us, because it is immediate and irreverent and sometimes even interesting. It’s also something she can get to on the internet without help from anyone, so she has been checking it faithfully since the got the computer.

So tonight Mom was on the phone and said that she noticed that I had not blogged since — WAIT FOR IT! — January 7th. Sunday. That’s TWO DAYS AGO!! And so, she told me to get up off my fanny and get to it! (At which point, I mentioned that I would actually have to get ON my fanny in order to blog, but this was not the time for impertinence. You don’t mess with Mom. She’s small, but she’s wily. And she is the keeper of the wine, so I shan’t anger her.) She said she relies on me for news! I’m how she keeps up to date on stuff! I was exhorted to get writing. (I think there was an implied “MISSY!” on the end of that — I cannot be sure.)

And so, I find myself duly chastened. I do not want to let my readers down. Especially since there’s wine to be drunk come Sunday.

So, this blog’s for you, Mom! (*waves*)

2 thoughts on “Mom Lays the Smackdown

  1. Chuckle, chuckle, snort, snort and outright belly laughs! I told you she was going to be an internet terror once she got the hang of it. Look out now, there is no hiding from her. You are correct…she is tiny but mighty and carries a big stick (or bottle of wine as it may be)! By the way, I must not tick her off either as I have recent tried the wine left over in my fridge and it totally rocks.

  2. She’s the Queen of the Wine, that one. And so we must strive ALWAYS to stay on her good side.

    And also? She makes some very tasty coconut fruitcake.

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