Do We Have To?

I know it’s January 7th, but we’re really loathe to take down our Christmas tree. Some years, we leave it up for weeks after Christmas. One year, it was up until mid-February.

It’s not like we feel Christmas-y or anything. Far from it. It’s hard to feel festive when you’re checking for cat poop and worrying about what Cat 1 is eating and whether Cat 2 is eating and pilling cats who are screeching fit to raise the roof. Holiday spirit is the last thing on your mind when your budget is stretched to snapping and you’re afraid to use your credit card for fear the swipe machine at the store will start flashing and going “TILT!!” No, it’s not the Christmas aspect. It’s the ambience.

We love the light that our tree gives off. it’s a rosy, multicoloured glow that just makes the room so much more inviting and makes us feel so relaxed. It’s gentle and pretty, unlike the harsh reading light we have or the eyestrain-inducing 40-watt boobie lights affixed to the ceiling by the builder. Our house feels more homey by the gentle light of the Christmas tree.

Even the cats like the tree. When they are not sick, they lie under the tree, enjoying the sheltering branches and the soft light. They marvel at the twinkling ornaments and are enchanted by the dangling jingle bells and friendly, toy-like ornaments on the lower branches. They snooze on the quilted tree skirt, or under it in Lucy’s case, and seem perfectly content with their world.

I know we’ll have to take it down eventually, but for awhile yet, we will put it off. It’s nice, having a comfortable place to sit and relax. It’s comforting. It’s home.

3 thoughts on “Do We Have To?

  1. I’m in no hurry to take ours down. The kids enjoy it, and I find that late at night, after they are both in bed, I like having that soft glow in the room.

    I look at it this way, it’s probably less electricity to run the tree with it’s soft lights than the overhead or a lamp. AND, so what if we leave it up for a long time? It’s our home and we’re the ones that are supposed to be happy and comfortable inside.

    I vote leave it. Why do we ever HAVE to take them down?

  2. Well you could keep it up for Valentines Day, just make sure you have all red lights.

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