Neutral Corners

Everyone seems to be in neutral corners around here.

Opus is still convalescing in the front bedroom. She’s been in there since she got home from the hospital, so we can monitor what she eats. However, today she’s in there partly to escape the evil People who tried to pill her at lunchime. It went horribly, terribly wrong, and there was much howling and recrimination and soggy pills being spit out everywhere. She was wet and mad and wanted nothing to do with us. But she’s alright. She’s got a heating pad to sleep on, a big cage for night time, food, water, and a litter box. She’s living like a queen in there.

Cinnamon came home from her short stay in hospital and is sequestered in the back bedroom. We also have to monitor what she eats. She scrabbles and mews at the door constantly, trying to convince us that she should be let out to run around the place. She’s so happy when someone goes in to visit her, and I went in and we played under the blankets and had some nice pets and she purred like a little machine. I think she’s lonely in there, but I prefer lonely to scared and sick and hiding behind the water heater. She’s MUCH more herself, and is eating like crazy. She has a veritable buffet of kibbles in there to tempt her palate.

Lucy is in the attic, napping on my chair. She’s been so lonely since her sisters took sick, so I sat with her on my lap today and watched a DVD. I’ve also been treating her to a little tuna to give her something special that the others don’t have. She’s such a good little soul, and she’s so confused as to why she’s been all alone for the past few days. Between me tending to Opus and BDH tending to Cinnamon, she’s often left to her own devices.

BDH has spent the day in front of his computer playing WOW. And he’ll likely be there until well after midnight.

And me, I napped with Opus today for a good long time. I am exhausted. And I will probably spend my evening moving from room to room, spending time with each of the patients and keeping them company, doing email and reading sites and posting with input from the girls. That’s the benefit of a laptop, I guess.