The Poop Patrol

I’m on poop patrol these days. It’s big fun, I can tell you.

Every day, several times a day, I have to check the various litter boxes around the house to see if our cats have used them, and if any of them have diarrhea. I have to follow cats when they go to the litter boxes and be prepared to retrieve any stinky contents that are not of the normal shape, size or consistency and put them into zip locs for the vet lab to examine. I have to peer at cat bums to see if they’re covered in any poop, and then clean them up if they do.

It’s very much like being a mom to very small children. Very small, furry children who can’t speak or understand a word I say. And who tend to hide in places you can’t get to them if they are sick or mad or upset.

Fortunately, the poop patrol has been quiet. Opus is doing very well and eating pretty well, and there’s been only one episode where the poop patrol had to rush in. I am pleased that she is eating and drinking and playing and, for the time being, holding her own. Today we take her in briefly for a temperature check, to make sure she has no fever. Cinnamon is not doing so well. She hasn’t had any diarrhea that I can find, but then again, she won’t eat. We take her in today to get some fluids under the skin and get pills and an appetite stimulant to get her to eat. And if it’s bad enough… into hospital. Thank goodness for payment plans at the vet, is all I can say at this point.

The wonderful Dr. Germain continues to be wonderful. She’s so conscientious about the girls’ care, and even though she’s probably snowed under with work while Dr. Maggs is off, she still takes the time to call and get updates and chat with us. She has been so very good with the girls, particularly Opus, and although we take up so much of her time and I am sure she’d rather see the last of us for a while, she soldiers on. It must be so frustrating and stressful sometimes to have to deal with not only these tiny, complex, sick creatures without seeing an end in sight, but with stressed out owners like us who are getting exhausted emotionally and financially.

Plus she’s on 2nd tier poop patrol, getting emails about poop and talking about poop and analysing poop, so that’s no fun either.