The Naughty Elf

If you’ve seen pictures of Lucy, you know: she has a bit of an elfin quality about her. Maybe it’s the big pointy ears. Maybe it’s the quizzical tilt of her head. But definitely, she is elflike.

A naughty elf.

If you’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time, you remember the events of last Christmas. Well, this year we went away for the holidays and left Lucy and Cinnamon in the care of cat sitters, who came in to visit each day and feed them. Lucy was, of course, eager for company and lots of petting. People always love to visit with Lucy because she’s so cute and sociable. So there were no reports of trouble when we got home.

Of course, you have to really KNOW Lucy to know where to look for her particular brand of trouble.

Lucy has a blanket that she sleeps in, that is folded in half and draped over a chair. Every night, she gets frustrated with Mr. Blankie, maybe because she cannot get into the covers, or maybe because Mr. Blankie says something saucy to her. I don’t know. But every night, she grabs Mr. Blankie in her teeth and drags him off the chair. She leaves him in a pile on the floor. Maybe she sleeps in the piled-up blanket, I don’t know.

So, we got home last night, and went into the attic (our TV room) to find several ornaments had been knocked off the Christmas tree, Mr. Sheep Ornament was missing in action, and Mr. Blankie was wrapped around the base of the tree and TANGLED INTO THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. God knows how anyone was able to do that, but they did. I unwound the blanket from around the base of the tree and disentangled it from the tree lights, and put it back on the chair. I put the tree skirt back in place under the tree. I found Mr. Sheep buried and looking very aggressively “loved” among the folds of the tree skirt, so I hung him up again. And I replaced all the ornaments that had been shaken from the tree. And we settled in to watch some videos, and then went off to bed.

This morning, I woke up and said hello to the girls, and came upstairs to my computer. And there was Mr. Blankie, wrapped around the base of the Christmas tree again, and once again entangled in the tree lights. Exactly as it was when we got home last night. And Lucy, rubbing up against my legs, purring and eager for petting and looking quite pleased.

That Lucy is a naughty little elf.

2 thoughts on “The Naughty Elf

  1. But WHY the tree? Does she think it’s cold? Does she want to envelope the tree in the loving embrace of Mr. Blankie?

    I need to know why.

    I need to know WHY I need to know why.

    It’s a conundrum.

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