Love Notes

One thing I really like about Christmas is the love notes people send one another. Yes, there are all sorts of presents and good food and lovely songs — I enjoy all those. But the love notes are really the magical part of the season.

People write little notes of love on each present they wrap. They send cards with heartfelt sentiments enclosed, things they rarely say to each other face to face. They will send out missives that encapsulate the year for their family, including family photos, news, and seasonal greetings. This year, my dear sister-in-law even wrote me a personal, very sweet letter, just to express her love and support for me, which I will treasure more than any of the gifts I got this year.

And so, consider this my love note to you all. Thank you for all your love, support and good wishes this year. Thank you for your enduring good humour, your affection, and your inspiration to me. Thank you for caring enough to read my words. Know that when I am writing my blog each day, it comes from my heart and mind to yours. I share these things with you, and I am glad to include you in my circle of friends and loved ones.

So Merry Christmas and best wishes for whatever holiday you are celebrating during this festive season, and throughout the coming year.

Peace on Earth.

2 thoughts on “Love Notes

  1. And thank you for writing your blog.
    I never know what to expect, I don’t know if I’ll be laughing or crying after reading your blog.
    It is a part of my day that I cherish.

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