All I Want For Christmas…

… I got today.

We are at home in Nova Scotia, and BDH’s parents’ house for the holidays. Yesterday morning, before we left, we went to visit Opus in the hospital. She was still looking rough, and had not eaten significantly since Monday. We gave her lots of cuddles and love, and asked her please, please, please eat. We told her we wanted to bring her home after Christmas. We told the magical Dr. Maggs that all we wanted for Christmas was for Opus to get better so we could bring her home.

Today, the Good Doctor called and said that Opus looked much, much better, and had eaten 3 breakfasts this morning. So it looks like she has turned the corner.

Yesterday night, they did an ultrasound (did you know kitty ultrasounds cost $575? It looks like our lean Christmas will be lasting well into the new year) and it showed definitively that our cat has pancreatitis. It’s readily curable, and the only question is how long it will take. Last night they gave her a shot of anti-inflammatories, and she rebounded so well this morning that they are very hopeful. But they’ll be watching over the next 24-36 hours to see if the one shot will be enough, and recovery will be quick, or whether it will take a bit of ongoing treatment. Either way, right now it looks likely that we’ll be bringing Opus home after Christmas. We’ll be ridiculously poorer, but to have our girl restored back to health is priceless.

But we are blessed. We have fantastic vets, Dr. Maggs and Dr. Germain, who have been relentlessly working to help The Bubby get healthy again. We have wonderful veterinary staff who have given Opus the love and attention and TLC she has needed. We have good friends who have been concerned for us and offered us good wishes and love and support. We have two healthy cats, Cinnamon and Lucy, at home and well cared for by cat sitters. We are home with our loved ones, and everyone is healthy and happy.

We are blessed indeed. Merry Christmas to us. Merry Christmas to all.

3 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas…

  1. Oh I am SO glad. I’m so PROUD of Opus for pulling through. I’m sorry she’s feeling ill, and I’m sorry you can’t be with her, but I’m glad that she’s with people who are not just her doctors but her friends.

    I’m glad you got there safely and are enjoying yourself. We miss you and we will be thinking of you guys on Christmas.

  2. Ouch. I had pancreatitis when I had gallstones and it was horrible. Poor Opus! I’m glad she’ll be getting better soon.

  3. Thank you. Currently Opus is curled up in a ball on my bed, and we’re happy to have her home. She is still sick, but we’re hopeful if we can get some meds and some food into her that she’ll bounce back.

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