Alrighty Then…

So. Today I’ve had two fairly surreal things happen.

1. I glanced the back window, to see our wonderful neighbour, a woman of about my age, hanging in an evergreen tree in the conservation area behind the house. (Upon investigation, I learned she was hanging Christmas lights. But still.)

2. I got an email from Death. It was in my spam folder, but there it is. From: Death. I haven’t been so surprised since the Pope emailed me and advised me to enhance my penis size.

Some days, I am considering taking up drinking in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Alrighty Then…

  1. Niiiiiice. Death’s hanging around my house, mocking me with random illness, and then as soon as my back is turned, what does he do?

    Gets on my computer and starts playing around.


    I bet he ate the last of the chocolate too.

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