Parenthood Is Hell, Part Two

This morning we took Opus back in to the hospital.

Yesterday she was just not herself. Since she was pissy with the cat sitters, I kept an eye on her all day. We cut her pill dosage way down. She had no appetite, eating just 1/4 can since Saturday. She was lethargic and didn’t want to be touched. But the thing that convinced me she was sick, really sick, was the fact that she didn’t want me to pick her up and cuddle her.

You have to know Opus. We’ve always operated on the principle that “there’s no problem in the world that can’t be solved with a good cuddle”. She LOVES to be cuddled and rocked a little and sang to. So much so that we often joke we should get one of those snugglies for Opus so I can carry her around with me all day. And last night, I picked her up and tried to cuddle her and she wanted none of it. So that is when I knew something was not right. Our girl was not well.

I was up most of the night with worry. She barely moved all night, barely made a sound, and yet I could have leapt out of bed at the slightest sound. She wanted to lie next to me for warmth, but other than that, she wanted to be left alone, so I put her on her blanket in her cage. She looked so tiny and vulnerable and sick, I checked on her several times.

She’s behaving very much like she did when she went into kidney failure two years ago. So we are concerned.

So we took her in and they are keeping her overnight for observation. They’re going to do blood and urine tests. She has lost half a pound in one week — on a barely 7-pound cat, that’s something like 8% of her body weight. She’s dehydrated. She’s not well. But at least now, she’s being watched and given fluids and meds and being taken care of. We’re going to see how she responds and maybe bring her home tomorrow, but she will be boarded at the hospital over the Xmas holidays. We couldn’t bear it if we were gone and something happened to our girl, and this way, although she won’t be happy about it, she’ll be well looked after and they’ll be keeping an eye on her for any signs of illness. I’d rather have her away and crabby and getting better than home and comfortable and getting sicker.

And now we have to try not to worry and let the vets do their jobs. Easier said than done. But we trust them completely. We’re doing the best we can for the one we love. It’s all anyone can do, really.

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