Twoo Wuv

The night before last, our cat Opus took sick.

My husband BDH called me upstairs to his desk to have a look at something. There, on the floor, we found some spots of rust-coloured fluid, which we suspected was urine with blood in it. But we could not be sure. Opus was sitting on the sofa, but had been by BDH’s desk a few moments before. She turned to wash her bum, and we noticed she was sitting in a big wet urine spot. She had had an accident on the sofa.

Opus was very upset, and we were concerned. She’d never done anything like this before. We took her down to the basement where the litter boxes are, and we watched as she went into the litter box and tried to pee, and couldn’t. She tried again and again, and only a drop would come out. She tried every 3 minutes for the next hour, as BDH made notes on his blackberry for the vet the next day. Opus was distressed. So, I petted her and praised her and tried to soothe her so she’d know everything was alright. We decided it likely wasn’t an emergency, but that I would take her in to the vet in the morning. BDH went upstairs.

A few moments later, he came downstairs again, carrying an armload of blankets, a pillow, and an alarm clock. I asked him what he was doing. He told me that he couldn’t bear the thought that something could happen to Opus overnight and she would be alone in the basement, so he decided to come down and sleep with her.

Now, you have to understand, we have an unfinished basement. Concrete floors, insulation on the walls, and currently the cats’ domain. The floor is scattered with bits of cat litter that they’ve tracked everywhere. It’s dusty and smells not just a little bit like cat pee. And he was going to sleep down there rather than let Opus spend the night alone, because he loves her and was worried.

I got all emotional.

He loves his little girlie enough to sleep on a dirty concrete floor, just so she would know her daddy was there with her. It was 1 am, and he had to get up and work the next day. But he could not bear anything possibly happening to Opus and her being all alone. That’s something. That’s my Big Damn Hero, though — he loves his girls (me included) more than anything in this world. And he would do anything for us. He has a heart as big as anything.

I persuaded him instead to set up a big cage in the front bedroom, where we could put Opus with a litter box and some blankets, and I would sleep in the room with her and watch out for her. And so he set it up, and by 2 am, we were all ready for bed.

And a day later, she’s back from the vet, sick but ok. She has a urinary tract infection, and likely a bladder infection as well. And because she’s old, we worry. BDH insisted on going to get her from the vet. And a day later, we’re $500 poorer, including lab and vet emergency fees. And we have a brand new climbing tower in the middle of our foyer, a Christmas present to the girls from their Big Damn Hero. Opus had an accident on the way home, and peed all over the car seat. And BDH never complained, not one bit. He was just so happy to have her home again.

That’s twoo wuv, right there.

4 thoughts on “Twoo Wuv

  1. Big hug and kisses to the old girlie (and you guys). 🙁
    Jasmine and Willow will keep her in their kitty prayers.

  2. I’m so glad she’s feeling a bit better. Jeffy makes my tummy hurt with his devotion to the bubby.

  3. My heart was in my throat the whole time I was reading. Thank goodness Opus is okay and now I know what BDH is!

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