Finding The Holiday Spirit

Have you ever seen the movie Elf with Will Farrell? One of its key premises is that there is a lack of holiday spirit these days, and this is a problem for Santa because his sleigh is powered on Christmas spirit — without it, the sleigh can’t fly.

Well, Santa, I’m part of your problem. I am having a hard time finding any holiday spirit. And I have had for a few years now. Sorry, Big Guy.

I don’t know why it is. I find Christmas is very stressful, what with the getting gifts and going to the mall and worrying about money and dealing with family. Going shopping is something I dread like a root canal. Baking loses its appeal after the first dozen dozen cookies. I don’t feel like decorating. I watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music, but neither makes me feel very festive.

I DO try. In fact, I find myself consciously TRYING to feel holly jolly and festive. And I suck at it. And them I feel more bummed.

Maybe it’s got something to do with family. I am not close to my family. We are close to BDH’s family, but they are so far away. I keep thinking that since we’re going home for Christmas this year, maybe I’ll suddenly come all over with good cheer when we touch down in Halifax. But that seems a little implausible. Maybe it’s easier to be festive if you have kids. But then, I know people with kids, and they are just as stressed as I am.

So what is it? What gives people the holiday spirit? Where do I find it?

If you have an ideas, I’d love to hear them. And I am sure Santa would be grateful as well.

3 thoughts on “Finding The Holiday Spirit

  1. I love Christmas. But you know what/ It lasts too damn long. That’s the problem right there. It’s really only a three day thing, but the mall has made it into an eight-week shopping extravaganza, and that pressure spills over onto everything else. So you suddenly have to decorate in November, bake cookies December 1, then bake them again because you’ve eaten them all, get your shopping done by the 10th at the latest, and, oh yeah, attend nine million parties with people who can’t be bothered the other 11 months out of the year.

    My solution? I put the tree up on the 22 or so, enjoy the hell out of it, stay out of the malls unless absolutely necessary, and remove all expectations I had that the holiday will be like it was when I was ten. It’s been good so far.

    Wine helps, too.

  2. I’m sick of the pressure I feel to FEEL more festive. I’m just not this year. I’ve little interest in decorating, shopping or even prepping the holiday for my kids. And I hate that I feel guilty about that.

    I really wish it were March or something instead.

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