He’s Still Young Enough; I Could Adopt Him

It’s no secret that I have struggled with my weight in recent years. Since my time on the volleyball court ended, I’ve been living a little — *ahem* — LARGER than I would like. There’s perhaps a bit more junk in my trunk than I’d normally like to carry. Come to think of it, there’s more junk under the hood as well.


Yesterday I was out shovelling snow. It was a wet snow; not much of it, but enough to provide a good workout. Also, it was warmish, so I put on my boots and just a fleece jacket over my usual t-shirt and yoga pants ensemble, and went out to work. I’d been out about 20 minutes or so, and was getting a bit rosy cheeked but having a lovely time. It was quiet; the kids hadn’t gotten out of school yet. The solitude was nice. I was enjoying the first real snowfall of winter.

A car came up the street. It was my neighbour pulling in. I just kept at my shovelling. All of a sudden, I heard my name. So I turned around. My neighbour and her 17-year-old son were getting out of their car, just coming home from school.

“My GOODNESS!” she said. “You look FANTASTIC!”

I grinned. “Well, thank you!”

“We were driving along and my son said, ‘Who is THAT? She looks like a MODEL!’ And then we saw that it was YOU!”

The son blushed and yelled, “MOM!” and rushed into the house, mortified. (He’d die of embarassment even more if his friends knew he thought his 40-year-old neighbour was HAWT.)

I thanked them both, the son as he rushed frantically into the house, and then my neighbour. She came over, and she complimented me again on how I look. She knows I’ve been struggling too — so has she, so we commiserate about it sometimes. Then we chatted a few minutes about the weather, work, that sort of thing. Neighbourhood small talk.

But I don’t remember much of what was said. I just remember how fantastic I felt, knowing that someone thought I looked good. I know it’s shallow, but when you struggle with your weight, a compliment like that is worth so much to your self-esteem. You get so used to being embarassed about how you look, that compliments like that bowl you over.

I finished shovelling, and enjoyed feeling good from the workout. And really savored the new feeling: feeling good about myself.

3 thoughts on “He’s Still Young Enough; I Could Adopt Him

  1. If THAT doesn’t put a little extra spring in your steps, huh?

    I think that is awesome. I keep telling you that you are a svelte domestic goddess, but I’m guessing that it lacks something when I’m not actually LOOKING at you, eh?

  2. DUDE! I would so ROCK as a Reitmans’ model! I can do the runway walk and everything.

    I love the ones that have socks and stuff stuck to them with static cling…

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