Hanging Out In The Blogverse

One of the things I enjoy doing most in life is reading. I always have loved to read, even as a small child. So it gives me no end of pleasure to find that the internet is chock full of good reading, in the form of blogs.

I go to my friends’ and family’s blogs first, of course. I am fortunate to have friends who are good writers, and I love being able to talk about stuff they post. I like that they enjoy blogging as much as I do.

I love to read hollywood farm girl, the blog put up by Tammy Lyn Michaels, who is Melissa Etheridge’s wife. Although she’s had precious little time to blog since the recent birth of her twins, when she DOES blog, it’s a treat. She has a wonderful way of expressing herself, sometimes in prose, other times in poetry. She’s got a great voice, and I find some of the turns of phrase and the way she expresses herself really delightful. Often moving, often funny, always insightful, hollywood farm girl is a good read.

Another blogger that I really enjoy is Wil Wheaton. Wheaton, you may remember, was geek boy Wesley Crusher in Star Trek. Well, he’s all grown up, and he’s one of THE original bloggers in the world of bloggers. His blogs tend toward the geeky side, but he writes about his geekiness with a wry sense of humour. We also share an interest in the same kinds of music, so I love those posts. And when he writes about his kids, and how they’re growing up before his eyes, he tugs at your heartstrings.

And when I am looking for a laugh, I go to Jay Barnes. I find myself laughing hard enough sometimes when I read his blog that tears are running down my face. The “Cadbury Egg Cake” is a thing of beauty. And I find myself recently saying, “KABLAMMO! YOU are WELL!” to various sick people I have met up with. (My husband looked at me rather confusedly when I said this to him the other day. And then hit me on the head with a cartoon hammer.)

So keep an eye on my blogroll and link lists. You may find some good reading, or at the very least, an interesting diversion from the usual internet fare.

1 thought on “Hanging Out In The Blogverse

  1. I myself LOVE Jay Barnes. I do think that he’s good people. He makes me laugh and he’s got a way of writing that is genuine.

    He’s a good read any day of the week.

    hollywood farm girl is awesome. I am always SO excited when she posts. Good reading to be had there too.

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