Getting Out More

I need to get out more.

It’s been a beautiful week for weather. For November, it has been gorgeous — cold nights, foggy, frosty sunrises, and warm, bright, sunny days. Absolutely gorgeous. And for one reason or another — being sick, having to tend to a troublesome site online, lots of blogging to do — I’ve been indoors almost all week.

I saw a blogging job advertised online that intrigued me, where you blog about the city you live in. I thought it sounded fun, writing about this city I like so much, and telling the world what a wonderful place it is to live. I read the ad, and then I mentioned it to BDH. I described the position, how it would involve writing articles about various parts of the city and sights and sounds, and taking pictures of things here. He said, “Well, to write about the city, it would involve you actually going OUT and ABOUT in the city, wouldn’t it?” He was being sarcastic, a bit. We don’t go out much, and I have become a homebody for the most part during the last year.

But it got me to thinking, about how little I know about this city anymore. When I first moved here, I lived in an apartment in a big old house downtown, and I walked everywhere. I was part of the city. I loved going to shops and restaurants and being involved. I ate out, I frequented local businesses like the neighbourhood butcher, and I knew what was playing at the local art-house cinema. But that was almost 15 years ago, and jobs, time, and energy have all but stopped that lifestyle for me.

So here it is, Friday afternoon, and I was downstairs in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. We have big patio doors to let in the light, and I can look out over the conservation area behind our house. As I was puttering around and chatting to my cat Cinnamon, I saw a flash out in the trees. I went to the window, and there was a small deer grazing in the conservation. The flash was him flicking his white tail. I watched him, Cinnamon in my arms purring and watching too, for quite a long time. He was tiny, not even three feet tall, but beautiful and healthy. He moved along the fenceline, sampling plants from everyone’s gardens, enjoying the quiet autumn afternoon.

And I got to thinking: THIS is what I love about this town. I love the green spaces. I love the way man and nature live side by side, and man respects the nature around him. I love that we are an eco-friendly, animal-centric town, energized by the ubiquitous university kids (even though they sometimes make me a little nuts). THIS is the city I want to talk about. This is what I love.

Cinnamon and I watched the deer as he slowly wandered off and went about his business. I thought maybe it might not be so bad to apply for that job. And I resolved that while the weather holds, I will get out and go for a walk in the conservation.