Getting Older

Last night, I enjoyed a giant glass of wine. It was the first (well, actually the second) glass of wine that I have enjoyed in a very, very long time. It was wonderful.

Except today. Today, I am feeling the headache.

I was feeling a mite celebratory last night, and so I decided to partake of a nice chardonnay. No, it is not like I went on a binge or anything. I had ONE (albeit large) glass. And yet, today, there is a hammering in my head, right THERE (*points*) that won’t go away.

And I have to say, I am a bit indignant. I remember a time when a glass or two was a normal part of a nice night out. Hell, I remember when a bottle or two, not even of wine but of hard liquor, was a great time had by all. But now, I am realizing that those days are long gone. And, I find admitting that to myself, is almost more annoying than the headache.

Sure, there are other things. My joints are starting to complain a bit about life with me. But I can rationalize that with all of the injuries and wear and tear from volleyball. I find I am needing to wear my glasses much more than I used to. Well, I can rationalize that with my time on computer and reading stuff. And the whole infertility thing? Meh, could’ve been there all along. But not being able to drink as much and stay out late and all that? Well, that just strikes at the young person in me. You know, the one that has been hidden behind this new, older model.

And it’s not that I usually mind that I am getting older. As a matter of fact, I’ve always kind of looked forward to my forties. But every now and then, it stings a little bit to know that, bit by bit, I can’t do what I used to, and some of those things will slip away forever. But then, I have to remind myself that new things will come along, that I was not able to do before. It’s all about balance.

One thought on “Getting Older

  1. That sucks. I’m so sorry you’ve got a headache from the wine today. I’ve been feeling rather icky myself today, but mine is not related to drinking. Feel better soon. I’ll talk to you sometime after I get back from the doctor.

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