Brakes, Boneheads and Bond

BDH and I had a date today.

We had some pretty mundane stuff to do today. Both our cars needed to go in for service, and the winter tires had to be put on our SUV. It was going to take some time, and we didn’t want to be sitting around in a car dealership for hours on end. So we decided to make a date out of it.

We dropped the cars off at the dealership for service, and an emissions test on my little 10-year-old car, and walked down the road to the cinema. We had plans to see the new James Bond movie, “Casino Royale”, which started at noon, but we were about 45 minutes early and the cinema was still closed. So we settled in to wait in the small foyer of the theatre. As we stood there, a few more people came in, pulled on the locked doors, and took up a position to wait. And then, we began to notice something. With about 10 of us standing in the foyer, still people came in and pulled on the doors, and seemed genuinely surprised that they were locked. Did they not NOTICE us all standing around? What did they think we were doing out there? More boneheads arrive. One particularly stupid mid-50s woman tried ALL the doors, then started yelling to the staff inside because the door was locked. “Yoo hoo!” Jeez. More boneheads arrive. More yanging on the doors. After awhile, BDH and I just had to laugh at these morons, and a woman waiting with her small daughter for a birthday party joined us. We stood there, the four of us, marvelling at these imbeciles checking the door, despite about 30 people standing around. When we finally did get in, one of the staff tried to tell us we had to go back out, because there was STILL 6 MINUTES LEFT UNTIL THEY OPENED. Ummmm, let me think about that…NO. So, it seems the boneheads are not only among the punters, then.

We had free passes to the movie, so we got our junk food, and went into the theatre. After what seemed like interminable previews, the movie began. Cheesy opening credits, very bad song, but a good opening sequence to set the stage for what’s to come. Immediately, we thought there was something special about the new Bond, Daniel Craig. As the movie went on, he got better and better. The movie was quite good, except for the last 25 minutes or so — the romance subplot to close out the story sucked the life out of an otherwise brilliant movie. Dragged it kicking and screaming from an A+ to a B. But Daniel Craig — BEST. BOND. EVER. He was absolutely fantastic. Just brilliant. I am not much of a fan of the Bond genre, but this guy has pulled me in. He’s believable, he’s passionate, and he’s got charisma to spare. So all in all, a good movie. (For my review of the movie, head over to PeevishKitty.)

We walked back to the car dealership, and went to pay for the service. We had told them that because my car is old, if they found anything that needed fixing beyond what was done with the tune up, to make a list and we’d deal with it another time. So we got back and they read us a laundry list of things to be done, totalling over $800. Dude. My whole car isn’t worth much more than that. (Okay, it is, but STILL.) And with me not having a job, we have to prioritize. I need new brakes, new something-else-what-is-currently-rusty, my filbertflanges are no longer meshing with my grapplegrommets… OY. It’s a ten year old car. But new brakes, while costly, are going to be a necessary evil. So, we said we’d book it for later.

Then we asked about the emissions test, which I had booked first, and was the whole reason we booked all this service in the first place. I can’t renew my plates without it. “Emissions test?” asked the service guy. So, we had another 20 minutes to wait while they did that. BDH was fighting off a migraine, and we were getting to that point in the show where if we never saw people again, we would not be upset. It was a long fricking 20 minutes. But we got done, paid for everything, and headed home.

And now, BDH is medicated and sleeping off his migraine, and I am sitting like a bump on a log, weighted down by a ridiculous amount of movie concession food. But I’m pleased, all things considered. We took one of those boring but required errands and turned it into a date. It was nice. Not a bad way to pass the time.

4 thoughts on “Brakes, Boneheads and Bond

  1. Aside from the spending money on car repairs part and the part about the migraine, it sounds like a lovely day.

  2. It was nice. We haven’t gone to a movie in quite some time — nothing has really appealed to us. But it’s much easier to go when you’ve got free passes.

    I ate a hotdog and a ton of popcorn and I’m still full, 4 hours later. Bliss.

  3. Hmmm……Hubby…Bond…and Blissfully full on popcorn…sounds like all you need now is a bit of bubbly, a bubble bath, and a good book or a new knitting pattern… the makings of an almost perfectly contented day. Or my idea of one anyway. By the way, have you ever tried any felting patterns with wool and knitting? I am itching to try to make something fun like slippers but have never felted before.

  4. You know, I never have tried felting. I am still plugging away at some knitting stuff though — I don’t actually like to have to THINK while I do crafts — so maybe once I am done with my blogging I will do some knitting.

    Dude. You’ve GOT to go see Casino Royale. Go check out my review on Peevish Kitty. Daniel Craig was AWESOME.

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