A Bottle Of Red, A Bottle Of White…

(Remember that song? That’s back in the day when Billy Joel used to have TALENT.)

Well we got our official blood test results today. Not Pregnant. Gee, what a surprise. But we had to have an official result.

The clinic called to follow up and see what we’re going to do next. But, whether we somehow find the money and the will to do it again, or whether we pack it all in and get on with our lives, we have a couple of months to decide. Officially, we’d have to wait until I am sufficiently healed up and my system has some down time before we could start again.

We need the time off. We need time to think. We don’t have the money to do this again. If I picked up a contract or two, or we wrangled some more debt, then maybe we’d be fine. But even with the slim chance that we did find the money somewhere, we have to decide if we want to do it again. Physically, I can do it, but emotionally and mentally, with the stress of BDH missing work and the emotional ups and downs… I don’t know if we could do that again. We have some thinking to do, some decisions to make, before then.

The case nurse that called today was wonderful. She was bummed for us, and very supportive. She said to relax and have some quality time, some down time, until the new year. And she said to go and have a nice big glass of wine. OH, that sounds splendid right now! It’s been a long time since I have enjoyed a glass of wine.

And so, everyone, have a glass of wine with me. Sit down, have a nice glass of wine, and relax. Leave the decisions and the stuff that has to be done until later. Take some quality time. Relax. After everything we’ve all been through, we deserve it.

3 thoughts on “A Bottle Of Red, A Bottle Of White…

  1. I’d like to make a toast *raises glass*

    To Cinn, who has shown remarkable strength and courage on this journey. To BDH who has been Cinn’s partner and best friend and biggest support system. You two are amazing, incredible and a blessing in my life. Thank you both for sharing so much of your journey with us all.

  2. Here’s to Cinn and BDh, and here’s to baths, and here’s to our feet, which somehow go one in front of the other, taking us into tomorrow.

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