Universal Truths

There are a couple of things that I am coming to believe are universal truths in my life.

  1. Whenever I have to go somewhere and sit for awhile, be it a restaurant, a doctor’s office, or a waiting area of some kind, a pregnant woman and/or a woman with a baby will sit near me.
  2. Whenever I need it most, I will find kindness in strangers.
  3. Whenever I go anywhere in my car, a Beastie Boys song will come on the radio.

Today, I had to go and get my blood test confirming that I am not pregnant. I mean, yes, there is statistically a chance that I could still be pregnant — statistically the same odds that monkeys are going to fly out of my butt — but yes, STATISTICALLY, it is possible. And so, after any of these infertility procedures, you have to go and confirm one way or another if you are pregnant. Rather than drive two hours for a five minute test, I decided to do it locally instead.

I went to a lab about 5 minutes away, near an old folks’ community. Usually it is crowded, but this morning it was blissfully empty. I gave the receptionist my paperwork and health card, and sat down at one of the many empty chairs to wait. Moments after, a woman with a very small baby came in. And of all the seats in the place, of course, she chose to sit right beside me, plopping the baby carrier almost directly in front of me. So there’s universal truth number one. She began cooing and talking to the baby, and the baby was responding all cute and happy. I began to feel the tingle in my nose and my eyes began to well up. I put on my iPod and tried to distract myself. Nothing was going to drown out this mom cooing at her baby a few feet from me, but I was determined to try.

Finally, the nurse called my name, and I went into a cubicle. I lost it. I began to cry. I explained to the nurse that it just figures that when I am coming to confirm that I am not pregnant, a woman with a baby would sit right beside me. She was very sympathetic and said, “I completely understand.” She started asking questions about the program, and said, “You’re lucky you can do this here. I had to travel to London almost every day for my blood tests. All that way for a 5 minute test.” She had been in the program too. She DID understand. She said she remembered feeling how I do. She said she had done it for almost 3 years, but she has two kids now. She kept telling me, “Keep the faith. Don’t give up.” I told her I was going to be 40 soon. She said she was 37 when she had her last. It CAN happen. We joked about the fact that, after spending $10,000 on this stuff, maybe now I should go out and get a $12 bottle of wine, and at least if we don’t get pregnant, we can have some fun. I felt immensely better, knowing this woman understood. “Keep the faith,” she said as I got up to leave. I smiled and said I would, and thanks. There’s my second universal truth of the day.

I got in the car, sniffly but feeling better. As I started my short drive home, one of Alan Cross’s quick hits of “The Ongoing History of New Music” came on the radio. It was about the Beastie Boys. And when it was done, they played “Sabotage”. I laughed, and turned it up, and let the Beastie Boys take me home. Universal truth number 3.

Funny how these things always happen — some good, some bad. But I am telling you, this weekend, after my date with BDH, I am getting a bottle of wine, and putting the Beastie Boys on the MP3 player. You don’t mess with the powers of the universe, man.

7 thoughts on “Universal Truths

  1. How fun. I heard even the Queen went to see it. Somehow, she doesn’t strike me as the type to go out to the movies too often, so I’m assuming that means it is a really special kind of movie.

  2. Whoa baby, there is nothin like Bond…James Bond to get a woman’s interest peaked. Enjoy and maybe even 2 bottles of wine…and some good chocolate of course.

  3. This new Bond is sexy. Yeah, I said it. But only when he has his teeth in. (Something about guys with no front teeth… I’m sorry.)

    I’ve hear the movie is really good, and I kind of want to see it because of all the times the press has been slagging off this new guy. Because he’s BLONDE? Sheesh. He’s taken a rough ride from the press, so I am kind of cheering for him to do well. I like an underdog.

  4. I have heard recently that all the critics are eating their words because he is actually great in the movie and I love the bathing suit too! Bring back the speedo, man.

  5. Well we used some air miles to get two free “movie for two” passes, but nothing else so far this year has made us want to go to the movies until now. And the trailer looks fantastic, so I hope it’s a good one. I think it will be a lot of fun.

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