Lifelong Learning

Although I have been sitting on my backside for a week and a half, I have been busy. It’s been a good opportunity to stretch my mind, since I am not doing a whole lot of stretching of anything else.

Over the past 10 days, I have learned so much. I wrote a couple of days ago about the changes to my blog. It’s been fun, making changes and trying new things. I’ve explored some possibilities in function and form. Some of the stuff has blown up with error messages, others have just done… well, NOTHING actually. But I love the toys. I love to try adding in all kinds of new things. I’m also thinking about what I can do with our other site, and what things I can write about out there in other blogs on other sites.

And, of course, I’ve implemented the ads. That was also a learning exercise, just figuring out what it was all about, and what options I had, and how to implement them. I do not, by nature, have a head for business. If something involves numbers, I totally zone out. So, I did a lot of research. I read many, MANY blogs on the subject. But I feel like a whole new side of things has opened up to me, because I had never really understood ads before, although I had seen them around. And it’s not like I am an expert, but I learned something.

I’m also spending a good deal of time on small projects. I’ve tried to work on some things to optimize my blog, like resizing the photos I have so that they will load faster when people come to my site. I’ve been researching (of all things!) negative scanners, so I can take all our old pictures and negatives and preserve them digitally. I have also opened up all the lines in the Treehouse store, and have begun planning (with Kelly, my partner in crime) some treats for Christmas time for the Treehousers and marketplace shoppers.

My husband, the brilliant BDH, has purchased a portable laptop desk for me, so I can do my blogging and writing and creating in the comfort of my comfy IKEA lounge chair. If only all learning were this much fun, and comfy, I might have enjoyed school a lot more.

3 thoughts on “Lifelong Learning

  1. I, Kelly, your true partner in crime, am dedicated to kicking this surfing addiction today and cracking down on some of the merchandise for the online store. I shall knuckle down and begin the creation of the png images for the calendar. Just as soon as I find some free software to download off of the internet. Otherwise, it’ll be me, trying to decide what to make for dinner. I’m either going with sweet & sour meatballs, not the chinese kind, or the famous crockpot chicken. Bet ya they haven’t shown those of foodnetwork, huh?

  2. Good job. Keep up the good work.

    Although after last post, it looks like we’re going to need recipes, chocolate and Tyler Florence on that calendar.

    DUDE. I’d buy it.

  3. Dude. I’ve been hunting for my chapstick and some mousetraps for like, an hour now. (Believe it or not, that isn’t just extra random, but the real deal.)

    Plus, we only have like a half an inch of diaper rash cream in the tube left and I’m going to have to go get some in the morning.

    It sucks like a sucky thing what sucks.

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