Positive Energy

Along with resting and drinking a ridiculous amount of water, one of the things that was recommended to me post-transfer last week was to try to stay postive. Surround myself with positive energy and happy thoughts. It has been a bit of a challenge.

Outside the obvious stress of waiting these two weeks to see if our IVF was a success, maintaining a positive outlook has been a bit of a struggle for us here at the House of Peevish. I am tired. That’s to be expected as I recover from the retrieval, I suppose. Sitting around is also, surprisingly, tiring. I swore to BDH that the first thing I would do after our two weeks of waiting, pregnant or not, either way, was to take a walk and get moving again. (And no, walking to the bathroom throughout the day after drinking my daily 3L of water does not count as exercise.)

Family stress is there, in the background. I got a really (typically) passive-aggressive, bizarre ranting email from my father last week. While it provided Kelly and I no end of entertainment, because it was — what’s the word? Oh yeah, CRAZY — it still niggles away in the back of your mind that someone who is family feels it’s okay to talk to you like this. So it has been a bit of a struggle putting him out of my mind, letting go of his issues and problems.

Another problem is BDH’s blood sugar, which is really high. We were doing really well managing it with morning walks and a decent, home cooked (by me!) diet. But when we get out of our routines and get stressed, we both are too lazy/tired/defeated/whatever to eat well, exercise, get up and do things. We both eat for comfort (read: a lot, and not well). So, after a couple of really long weeks, BDH’s blood sugar is pretty shockingly high. And it is hard for him, aside from the stress of knowing it’s high and dealing with that. It also has physical and emotional manifestations like making him tired, and thirsty, and lethargic, and cranky. And it causes me to worry, and I probably nag at him more than I should.

So we need to get that positivity back. We need a plan. We need ideas.

It starts today. I am getting up a bit and doing some gentle chores, easing back into my house routine. I feel better when the house is clean and I am busy. So bit by bit, gently, a load of dishes here, some laundry there, it’s getting done. No vaccuuming yet, but at least, it is a start. I also wrote a long, cathartic blog (which I am not posting; it’s purely therapeutic, as opposed to expository, in nature) to get my father’s insidiously negative behaviours out of my head. I’m deleting his emails, and I have my outlook set to file any future ones as junk mail. BDH and his diabetes are a bit of a tougher nut to crack, but tonight we’re going to have a big salad for dinner, and he’s planning to get on the treadmill for half an hour. And goodness knows, after a week of indulging my love of chocolate, I could use a salad. (The walk will have to wait, but God knows I am willing!)

And for her part, Opus very patiently reminded me at precisely 2:30 today that it was time for the 2:30 Cuddle. Because she believes there’s no problem in the world that cannot be solved with a good cuddle. It works for her.

So, what else can we do? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: give me suggestions for restoring tranquility and positive energy to a stressed and tired home. No suggestion is too small or too outlandish. The only restrictions are our budget (because IVF costs, man!) and my somewhat limited mobility for the next week (so no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise). And also, no baths or alcohol, for obvious reasons.

I await your positive energy.

6 thoughts on “Positive Energy

  1. Hey Girl, I just restarted prednisone for my shocking Crohn’s flare after Maddie was born. I have been sick with total large bowel disease (which i have never had before, just small bowel) for the past three months and have suddenly sent my sugars soaring from 4-7 range to 18-22. I know how BDH feels. Walking is also out for me right now as I get 2 minutes from the house and have to hit a bathroom like noW!!! I did treat myself to a wonderful massage today (on insurance) but a really nice massage would be really wonderful if BDH could treat you. I think you both could relax and reconnect and have some down time together. Lucy does not need to be the only one who likes to cuddle. Just a suggestion. Love ya both!

  2. I think now is a good time to learn some new knitting patterns. Even if you only do swatches. Maybe do a digital scrapbook of pictures of you and BDH. If you can, maybe just go out with BDH for some decaf coffee or tea just to get out of the house. If there is a jazz night at a coffee house, you’d have free entertainment as well.

  3. John Cusack marathon. I would suggest Sixteen Candles, True Colors, Grosse Pointe Blank and High Fidelity.

    Also, it might cheer you to know that when we were talking about her imaginary friends tonight, she beamed at me and said “And we can’t forget our good, REAL friend Cinnamon!” She wants to write you an e-mail before she goes to bed tomorrow, so I shall see that she does.

  4. Oooh. Johnny Cu. Comedies and romantic comedies. A fine idea.

    I especially like the Grosse Pointe Blank suggestion, because of the violence and shooting. You know, to PURGE the negative feelings against people who piss me off. Also, because it is, bytimes, HILARIOUS.


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