I’ve been feeling the need to redecorate today. Not my house, but my blog.

It’s kind of like having a room in your house that’s a work-in-progress. I come in here all the time, so I am always thinking of things I want to see, things I’d like to change, things I want to add. Do I like the colours? How about the layout? How can I see who’s been here? How many people are actually reading the blog?

Actually, it all started during a discussion with BDH this morning about another of our blog sites, Peevish Kitty. I originally created it so that a group of friends and I would have someplace to blog and post stuff, and also as a bit of a playground for me to learn more about blogs and the technology behind them. Well, as it turns out, I tinker very rarely over there, since I spend the majority of my time posting here. Also, I was telling BDH that the interest in it seems to have died down — among the group of us, there doesn’t seem to be a great number of people who blog regularly, or if they do, they likely have their own place elsewhere. I figured it was time to shut it down and make the site into something different. When he asked me what that would be… well, I hadn’t thought that far in advance. BDH suggested that since it’s not costing us anything, why not just leave it there? Even if it is used infrequently, it is still a playground for us, and it was never meant to be more than that.

But that brought me back here, and the tinkering started in earnest. I’ve been cruising the widget pages, faffing around in CSS and editing pages. I’ve been blowing things up and starting again. My eyeballs are spinning. And, in the end, I still have a whole bunch of things I want to change. But I guess that’s the point, isn’t it.

A blog is a creative endeavour of sorts. It’s a place to express yourself. Whether that expression is in words, in look and feel, or in the things that it can do, it’s all about giving virtual life to a vision. It’s a creative outlet. A work in progress.

So if you come looking for my blog one day and find you’re getting errors, or it has strangely disappeared, or you open a page full of funky colours, don’t panic. (Perhaps, like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I should have that right up front in big friendly letters.) Come back in an hour or so, and things should be back to semi-normal. It’s just me, redecorating. Again.

5 thoughts on “Redecorating

  1. Well, I for one think we could take the recipe blog idea to a whole new level on that site instead. And we could have a store too. And sell like cooking stuff. Yeah.

  2. *scramble, scramble, click, click*

    I am under strict instructions to do SOMETHING, and I’m fairly certain the something has NOTHING to do with my unfortunate moquito bite.

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