Kindness and Friends


My dear, wonderful friend Adina, who has been so supportive and kind through everything we’ve done, sent me a package today! It was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever sent me. I opened the package to find… A FERTILITY DOLL! Also, there’s a lovely card and a package of SCRUMTIOUS chocolates. 😀

The fertility doll has been a big hit here. BDH and I have been rubbing her belly and talking to her in a very friendly fashion, because we want her to like us so she will work us some babymaking magic. BDH has been rubbing her on my belly — hoping the close proximity will make her and Malcolm become good friends. She’s sitting with us watching movies. Lucy has introduced herself, and they are getting to know one another. She’s becoming one of the family. I offered her some chocolate. I think we’ll have to find a good name for her.

And so, my dear, sweet Adina, thank you so very much. Your support and kindness have been invaluable. And for the chocolate — you are a GODDESS. (But not the fertility kind. We don’t want to freak you out.)

Smooches and love from BDH, me, and Malcolm.

P.S. Hi Mom and Dad vacationing in Florida! *waves* And a special HI to the lovely Library Lady, who helps them find my blog each day! *waves again*

7 thoughts on “Kindness and Friends

  1. Oh yay! I’m glad she and her offerings got there okay. I really hope that between the goddess and the chocolate, Malcolm decides to stick.

  2. Just to clarify… were the chocolates for ME or for the GODDESS? Because, you know, I just assumed… and if they were for her, like some sort of OFFERING or something… DUDE. She’s gonna be pissed. I’ve eaten, like, 10 already.

  3. Snort! Yes, of course they’re for you. I’m sure she’d be fine with offerings of chocolate scented breath.

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