Day Fifty-Five: Summary

I am home. Drugged and very tired. Here’s my day, to sum up:

  • 8 follicles were drained for a total of 3 eggs.
  • The doctors said it was a “Difficult” procedure.
  • My nether regions have had better days.
  • Tylenor 3s , water and chocolate have been prescribed.
  • We will know if we have any embryos on Tuesday.

I am very tired. I am sore. And I am disappointed. Everyone is trying to remain hopeful.

I’ll write more when I am more lucid.

10 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Five: Summary

  1. Three is certainly better than nothing. I’ll take three any day. Now to make some embryos.

  2. I’ve been stalking this off and on all day. I’ve been thinking about you all day. I’m glad they got three. That is potential.

    Your buddy was thinking about you today as well. She asked 3 times to call Samknee to say ‘Hello’.

    Rest as much as you can. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?

  3. We have been thinking about you both all day long. Three is not such a low number, it only takes one. Love ya both. BDH, mom always said you were a great swimmer so swim, swim, swim!

  4. Three IS a magic number. How many wishes do people get from a genie? How many good fairies are there in Sleeping Beauty? How many chances did Little Bunny Foo Foo get before being turned into a goose?

  5. Dude. You guys rock. Thanks for the encouragement.

    WAIT A SECOND…! Is this all a dream? Am I still whacked out on codeine? Maybe I am just DREAMING all this, and really I haven’t even posted yet…!

    NOPE. Sore hoo hoo. Not a dream. Not a dream at all. OW.

  6. They’ll call us when they see how many and what quality of embryos we get, if any. I hope we get all three, but I have to admit I am feeling a bit discouraged.

  7. Oooh! I’ve been without internet since Thursday, so I’m happy they got some eggs. I have everything crossed that you have three embryos.

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