Day Fifty-Three: The Home Stretch

There are no words for how tired I am right now. But it’s all worth it, because we have been booked for our retrieval, on Sunday morning.

I went in again today for blood work and an ultrasound. Now, there’s about an hour and a half wait between blood work and ultrasound time, so I drive through McDonalds after the blood work, and then I go park in the parking garage (6th floor, by the elevator), eat my breakfast, give myself my injection at 8 am, and then nap if BDH is with me or read if I am alone until exam time. So today, nothing changed. I parked the car, tucked into brekkie, and then got ready for my needle. This requires yanking down my pants in the car and putting ice on my leg for about 10 minutes, because the shot stings, then I get the needle ready and swab my leg with alcohol swabs. We’ve taken to pre-loading the syringe so we don’t have to cart the vial of meds to and fro, because it has to be refrigerated. So today, I got the syringe out to prime it, and saw what appeared to be an air bubble at the top. I squeezed gently to get rid of the air. One bead of liquid came out. A second came out. No air. I squeezed gently once more. Suddenly, meds go spurting across the car. DAMN TOUCHY SYRINGES! Bastards! I lost almost 1/4 of my meds! But at least the passenger seat will not ovulate today.

So I quickly injected the remaining meds, and thought, “Okay, it’s 8 am. Maybe someone will be upstairs, and I can see if this is a big deal, and fix it.” I went up to the 9th floor, and asked to see my case nurse Pat. The receptionist said she’d let her know, and returned to say Pat would be a couple of minutes. So I went to the bathroom. I came back. I waited some more. No Pat. Now, I was beginning to get antsy, as I didn’t want to screw up this close to the finish line. 45 minutes passed. No Pat. Finally, I got called in to the ultrasound, so I trotted to the loo (AGAIN), trotted back down the hall, and went into the changeroom. I could not tell who was in doing the ultrasounds today, but I was hoping it was someone nice, since I might have to beg for more meds.

When the knock came on my door, I walked in to find… Dr. Newbie. Now, up until today, my only experience with Dr. Newbie was having him observing other doctors doing ultrasounds. And there he was, standing by himself. I asked, “Are you soloing today?” He said that he was waiting on a nurse, but she was delayed. So I braced myself for the unknown of a n00b behind the wand. While we waited, Dr. Newbie reviewed my file. He was really thorough. And pleasant. I thought, well maybe he’ll be alright. In rushed the nurse, and I began my story of the spurting Lupron. Neither of them was too concerned, so I reaxed and we began the exam. And I have to say, Dr. Newbie was really good. It’s never comfortable doing a transvaginal ultrasound, but he was really careful not to yang things around too much, and he seemed to know my file well enough to know what to look for. AND… he found another follicle, albeit a small one that probably won’t be a factor on Sunday. But that brings the total to 11.

ELEVEN. My lucky number. My jersey number. Good karma. I was pleased.

And then… Dr. Newbie decided that, based on the follicle sizes, I was ready to go. That meant that I would have to be in for my retrieval on Sunday. He explained that there are no radiologists working on Sunday, so they would not be going after that one high follicle through my abdomen. Inside, I was rejoicing. No excruciating pain! Then he said, “What that means is, if that follicle doesn’t come down once we drain the ones below it, we might just have to abandon it.” And also, any other troublemakers on my right side. In fact, I got the impression that if the right ovary is too high, they might abandon it entirely. There’s a risk of bleeding and they may not be able to get to it if it is not cooperative. My heart sank. Hopefully, if anything has to be abandoned, it is just the one follicle. At this stage of the game, I could not bear to lose all 6. I’d be crushed.

So I came home and waited for my callback. Tonight, I take my last doses of all 3 drugs that I’ve been taking so far. Then, at precisely 11:30, I have to take another injection to get the follicles ready to go for Sunday morning. And tomorrow, I get one blissful day of sleeping in and going nowhere. I’ll prepare my procedure CD, pack my bag, and start fasting at midnight.

And, oh yeah, fret the entire fricking day because I am nervous about the right ovary, and scared of the pain of the procedure. But at least, I get to sleep in.

8 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Three: The Home Stretch

  1. You’re getting so close! It’s a good thing I can stalk your blog most of the day on Sunday. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be the only one.

  2. The big day is almost here! Sunday! Now listen, Righty, you just come down from on high and join the party!

  3. Good luck guys. You know we’ll be thinking of you both.

    We love the Samknee and the Jeppy!

  4. Righty is a Diva. She doesn’t get out of bed for less than $500 a day.

    BDH has volunteered to smack me repeatedly with the cartoon hammer to *ahem* “knock Righty into place”.

  5. I hope you’ve been resting up so those eggs can grow big and strong for tomorrow. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for your appointment tomorrow.

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