Day Fifty-Two: All Thanks To The Magic Fertility Cartoon Hammer

DUDE. Now there’s TEN. Ten follicles, as of this morning’s ultrasound.

I know how it happened. Each morning we’ve had to get up at 4:30 to drive, BDH has come into the bathroom where I am getting ready. Behind his back he has been holding a large inflatable hammer, kind of like those giant hammers that Bugs Bunny would pull out from his back pocket and hit someone over the head with in the Warner Brothers cartoons. You know the one: Bugs Bunny gets cheesed at someone, gives the shifty-eye look — right, left, right, left — then seemingly out of nowhere, but I am sure it’s a back pocket, he pulls a giant hammer and clobbers his foe. “CLANNNGGGGG!” Then the hammer disappears. Well, BDH has one. It’s inflatable, and it says “BANG!” on the side. It squeaks like a squeaky toy, but this does not lessen the effect any.

Anyway, I hear the bedroom door open. BDH comes into the bathroom. Silent. Shifty eyes. Right. Left. Right. Left. Then, “CLANG!”, I get ponked on the head by the cartoon hammer. And then, silently, he walks back into the bedroom and closes the door.

Now, the first time he did this, if was the day of our first ultrasound, and we were nervous. We thought we’d be disappointed, since we had poor blood work and our first cycle of IVF went badly. “CLANG!” A few hours later, we had 7 follicles. Next ultrasound. “CLANG!” Eight follicles. Next ultrasound. “CLANG!” Ten follicles.

I think we’ve stumbled on a miracle fertility cure.

That’s not to say The Goddess Tracy has not had an impact. Oh no. Tracy and her goddess mantra have been INVALUABLE. As have everybody’s good wishes and thoughts. But you can’t beat the power of the cartoon hammer.

EDITED TO ADD: Now that I am more awake, I forgot to mention some of today’s goings on. Today’s numbers: estradiol 6400 and change, and LH is holding nicely at 3. It looks like they are aiming to do the extraction on Monday. That gives me a little bit more time to grow all the latecomer follicles to a good size. One complication we are having is that one of the follicles on my right ovary is being pushed to the top and may be inaccessible when they go in vaginally for the extraction. Which means, if it does not drop once the other follicles are drained, then they will have to go in THROUGH MY ABDOMEN. This is how they used to do extractions in the “olden days” and apparently it is VERY painful. *gulp*

And I head back to the lab for more blood work for 7 am tomorrow and then an ultrasound at 9. Did I mention I am REALLY FRICKING tired?

9 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Two: All Thanks To The Magic Fertility Cartoon Hammer

  1. Buh? Weird. A good weird, but weird just the same.

    My ovaries ache just thinking about yours. Ooof! Hope those little buggers are big enough soon to come out of there.

  2. Hmmmm, must be that hammer came from the good old Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia…If the water won’t fix ya then the hammer will! Go Bro!

  3. Hooray for Hammers and Tracy Mantras!! I’m so excited for you guys. Lots of good thoughts being sent up your way.

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