Better Than Television

Hello. My name is CinnamonOpus, and I am an addict. (“Hello, CinnamonOpus!”) Specifically, I am a webcam-o-holic.

Oh, STOP. Stop RIGHT THERE. Get your mind out of the GUTTER. Not THAT kind of webcam.

The webcams I watch are nature webcams, for the most part. African wildlife, hummingbirds, litters of puppies, bunnies… Oh, sure, the odd time, I’ll watch Kev’s Guelph webcam. But mostly it’s animals. I find it very relaxing, and much more enjoyable than television.

BDH and I decided to cancel our cable about 6 months ago, and honestly, I don’t miss it. Not one bit. We found that television was a big giant waste of our time and money. There was just very little that held any entertainment value for us on TV. There are a few shows that we do enjoy, but we buy them on DVD or watch them on the internet. We buy, for example, the entire season of House MD and then we’ll watch it straight through. Or Homicide — that one, we bought ALL 7 seasons. We had a Homicide extravaganza. What? It’s really good for following story arcs.

But this whole webcam thing — I’m ENTHRALLED. I can sit for hours and watch. The domestic animal ones are cute, and a litter of puppies is great fun (when you don’t have to clean up the pee afterwards). But watching the wildlife webcams, I find I can’t look away. I might MISS something. Today, for example, I closed my browser about 5 minutes before a leopard showed up at the Pan. There’s just so much to see. Today saw a few herds of zebras (including babies), some gnus, a very peevish looking gang (herd? gaggle?) of cape buffalo who decided that manners be damned, they were going to walk right into the middle of the pond for a drink, a crocodile, and a family of elephants with two baby elephants in tow. There’s wildlife GALORE. It’s fascinating.

If you hang around Africam or Pete’s Pond long enough, you’re bound to see something magical. But I tell you truly, I doubt you’ll see anything more delightful in your life than this: a baby baboon learning to swim at the Nkorho Pan yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Better Than Television

  1. Cinn, I wonder how you see all these things and miss them all! Darn work and Maddie are interferring with Aficam time. She just does’t get the sit still and watch the computer screen thing…put the TV on, man she will twist into a pretzel trying to watch it. At three months old that scares me big time. Must get back to work…sigh…Happy Thanksgiving by the way to you and BDH. Hope you had time to count your blessings…you and BDH are certainly two of our blessings and we said a prayer for you yesterday, thankful that you are both in our lives and that all you dreams and hopes come true. Love ya both, Sherri

  2. Err, your dreams come true. P.S. When are you going to write your best seller. You have a definate gift for the written word and I love to read your blogs. You should be making money off this stuff.


  3. I must HAVE one. Or I will die.

    Especially at the end, when he gets dunked under the water, and runs out and sits on the rock all shivery and cold… I just want to wrap him up in a big snuggly TOWEL. And maybe give him a cookie.

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