And Another Thing

Here are some things I am thinking about today.

  1. Whoa. It is DARK today.
  2. I recently discovered my sister-in-law Sherri has been reading my blog each day. Everybody wave hullo to Sherri! *waves*
  3. Current muffin count: twelveteen. I am torn: do I want to be fat and full of tasty goodness, or thin and starving and craving tasty goodness?
  4. When am I going to really LEARN that big floral prints look hideous on me? Perhaps there’s some deep-seated need in me to walk around looking like a bedspread.
  5. Some days, you’ve just got to have baked goods with cinnamon and nutmeg.
  6. A fireplace would be nice at this time of year.
  7. Puppy-Cam is lovely. It’s like my best day ever, and when they piddle, someone else has to clean up the mess.
  8. I hate the headboard/footboard on my bed. Something must be done.
  9. Diet root beer was a good invention.
  10. My cat has taken to licking my desk chair. It’s a bad sign that I sit at my computer too much.
  11. My daydream life is prettier and better decorated than my real life. Like in a high-end commercial. And also, I am wealthy and thinner. But I know it is only a dream, for there is a DOG there. My cats would not go for that.

11 thoughts on “And Another Thing

  1. Here are some replies to the things you are thinking about today.

    1. Word.
    3. Somewhere in the middle, I would think. One needs tasty goodness from time to time.
    4. Dude. I hope it’s today. NO ONE looks good in big floral prints. Just sayin’.
    5. True. I think I’m going to make those pumpkin chip muffins with the cream cheese frosting this week.
    6. Well yeah. THERE. Here? Not so much. Although it might surprise you to know that some people in Texas have them anyway. I have no idea why.
    7. Puppies are cute. So are the bunnies and the baby horse.
    8. Take them off.
    9. True.
    10. Hmmm. I think she just likes fabric.
    11. Two words: Vincent D’Onofrio. (‘Nuff said)

  2. Hello everyone. I must admit this is very addicting, I really am supposed to be getting work done but you guys are just too interesting. Can’t wait to read what’s next!

  3. Yes Tracy, I LOVE, I especially had a hard time not peeing myself reading “At least I have pie!” No wonder I was up until midnight trying to get my work done. With a newborn who is up most of the night that is NOT a good thing! (But much giggling is needed for a burnt out mommmy to make it through another day.)

  4. I have a fan as well. Actually, I have two. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. Not only does it give a lovely breeze on those humid Texas evenings, but it’s a great source of white noise and I – oh WAIT – That’s not what you meant, is it?

    Never mind then, carry on.

  5. Well, yes, but you already know of my occasional bout of brilliance. Sherri’s fresh meat.

    Anyway, I thought you were my stalker? You know, since Cusack put that restraining order on you and all.

  6. Well YES. Fan, stalker… whatevah. It’s like choosing between the screwdrivers or the ballpeen hammers to throw over the fence… It’s all the same, really.

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