Day Seventeen: And The Munchies Continue

Man. I am just queen of the munchies this week. Can I blame this on the birth control pills? I hope so.

I have been feeling a bad case of the munchies for about a week or so. No, scratch that — that’s a lie. It’s been more like TWO weeks, because in the beginning, I had the Love Of The Pie happening. Now, it’s just craving. Just craving STUFF. Like cheese. Who craves cheese? And tonight? Chinese food. Bah. Hormones are weird. I can’t believe I ever missed them when I was low in estrogen and progesterone, man.

And the really bad side effect of the pills has been the nausea. About 1/2 hour to an hour after I eat at midday, really nasty stomach-crunching nausea takes over. It is the worst. I have to lie down sometimes, it’s so bad. Funny thing is, when I was pregnant, the only “morning sickness” I had was actually in the afternoon. About an hour after lunch. So it’s like being pregnant again, except without the reward for the nausea at the end of the road. And I can drink when I am feeling sulky and peevish. Which I may do with dinner, actually.

3 thoughts on “Day Seventeen: And The Munchies Continue

  1. Birth control pills used to make me queasy, too. Yuck.

    I think you need some sort of fried cheese. Mozzarella sticks…mmmmmmmm! Okay, maybe I need fried cheese. And ice cream. Oooh, and I have Tim Tams in my pantry.

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