OH! Happy!

I am here to tell you that my love and adoration for a certain member of a certain online community knows NO BOUNDS! NONE!

I went to my mailbox today, as I do each day, and to my delight, someone had sent me a package! This member (let us call her “Giff”) sent me a CD that she made with her own two hands called “T-Shirt Weather: A Summer Mix” which was full of lovely, upbeat songs. I am ENCHANTED, I tell you truly. And also, she sent me a T-Shirt to go with said T-Shirt mix!

And so, I spent the afternoon dancing around to this wonderful CD, wearing my new t-shirt, and having a great time. One of my Best. Days. EVAH.

Thank you, Giff (even though you probably won’t see this). :mwah: You are magical to me. Magical, I say!

(Yes, I cross posted this. I am an ADMIN. I can DO THAT, you know.)

9 thoughts on “OH! Happy!

  1. I’ve been worried about you. I’m so glad you got a package that cheered you up. Now if only we could teach Lucy to knit so she could remake the blanket she tore up…

  2. BAH! I cannot edit. And there should be a question mark after the word ‘music’ in the previous comment.

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