Making a Long Day Longer

Ugh. Talk about the housework that will never get done. Today is one of those days, and I’m only doing laundry and dishes, for pity’s sake.

The salt in our water softener ran out… sometime. I don’t know when. But sometime. Anyway, we NOTICED it two weeks ago, so I ordered a delivery of salt. It came today. I loaded it in the water softener, right up to the top, and set the softener to regenerate. An hour and a half or so after I started the regen, I loaded the dishwasher and headed upstairs to resume the laundry. As I walked by the basement, I could hear a mechanical hissing sound. It sounded like the water softener doing another regeneration. Its normally scheduled time is about 2:30 or so, I think, so that was reasonable. Besides, after being loaded with salt, I figured another regen wouldn’t hurt.

So, I started the washing machine filling with warm water to do a white load. I looked in before I dumped the soap in, and saw the water was all RUSTY. Brown and dirty looking. Thankfully, I hadn’t loaded in any clothes yet. And I thought, OH CRAP, THE DISHWASHER IS RUNNING. And it’s HALFWAY FINISHED. Oh shit, I thought, I’ll have to run that again. So I emptied the washer and refilled it. Cleaner, but still brownish. I refilled it again. Now it’s kind of yellowish, but still dirty. So I started it again, and I just walked away. Let it run empty. Because I don’t want to sit and fret.

So now, I have 4 or 5 loads of laundry left to do, and my washer is happily whirring away upstairs with nothing in it. And I’ll have to rerun this dishwasher to be sure all the brown crap is cleaned off the dishes.

But first, I am setting a reminder in my calendar to check the water softener again. Every 4 months.

4 thoughts on “Making a Long Day Longer

  1. That’s going to put a lovely glow on your laundry.

    I don’t like those news posts to the right there ——–>

    For I cannot respond to them.

    Bastardy news.

  2. It is TRUE. And I do not know HOW to make them so you can respond. Bastardy news.

    I am still tinkering with that bit though. For I will HAVE it. OH YES, it WILL be MINE.

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