Good Friends

Good friends:

  • Don’t need to be close by.
  • Chase each other around the internet posting smart-ass comments to make each other laugh.
  • Find the same very silly things funny.
  • Take joy in what you do in a day.
  • Crack each other up finding silly domain names.
  • Know what you’re thinking or feeling without having to ask.
  • Miss you when you’re not around.
  • Share your good days and your bad days.

30 thoughts on “Good Friends


    See, I read the list going “I do THAT! I hope she’s talking about me too!” Then I realized she probably was.

  2. Like you don’t know my number. Bah.

    Which is not as bad as Tracy, who I added to my messenger contacts and she HASN’T EVEN ACCEPTED ME YET. 😮

  3. I didn’t know I HAD messenger. Let me play with that.

    Anyway, some of us had to enrich lives through musical expression today. That, and threaten the fifth graders within an inch of their lives for forgetting instruments.

  4. I’m almost done trying to figure out how to download messenger. I shall take a nap and return shortly. Or tally. Or whenever I get up to pee.

  5. I’m here! I’m here! I was busy roasting marshmallows and then doing exercise bike crap. Contradictory, I know.

  6. Yes, yes I did. Help yourselves. I am also eating Triscuits, so help yourselves to those, too.

  7. I am here, but who knows how long?

    Apparently, my house wishes to fall down around me.

  8. Kelly, if I lived close by, I’d come over and bring my very handy husband. He could fix your house issues while you and I ate some kind of chocolate concoction and played with the kidlets.

  9. You know what is good, Cinn? Put a little salsa on them, then a square of cheese, then microwaved or baked. YUM.

    Aaand I am off to bed. Enjoy Les Crackers et les Marshmallows!

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